Is it possible to skip to a certain level?

My friend is interested in WK but he is already between N2 and N1 as he has a masters degree in both Chinese and Japanese.

Is it possible for him to make an account and skip to a certain level?

No, it is not possible to do this.

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No way to skip but the early on levels should be quick and easy for him and also a great refresher for some less common kanji vocabulary he may have forgotten.

I think there is a way to skip lessons but you still have to do the normal SRS reviews before leveling up


Nope. At his level, I think it would be smarter to just make an Anki deck.


Nah but if he is able to answer everything correctly first try, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to breeze past what he knows and get to what he doesnt know pretty quick.

If he already has masters in Chinese and Japanese, then he doesn’t need this program. Any particular reason for him to use this program?

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Perhaps learning/reviewing some of the lesser used kanji (around level 40-60). It’s likely not worth it to most if that is your goal but I believe there have been a few who have done something like that before like @Naphthalene if I remember correctly.

Oops, misread the original post.

It doesn’t say when this person got the masters degrees. If it was 15 years ago, and they haven’t studied consistently since then, it could fade away.

Good point. :slight_smile:

Hm, well, yes, I started WK “for real” almost two years after passing the N1.
Like everyone mentioned, I thought I could just blaze through until the part I cared about, but the fatigue is really starting to set in. Most of the kanji I want to review are level 50+. 9 months in, spending at least one hour a day on WK and I’m still not there.
That being said, I have also learned a lot of vocab on the way, and even found out that some stuff didn’t have the reading I thought they had. Obviously, I would have missed those things if I had just skipped ahead. Also, I really like the community.

So, overall, I guess I have mixed feelings about doing WK as an advanced learner. Their method is really good, but lacks flexibility. With other tools coming out or already around (houhou, kitsun, floflo, …) I might have gone with those after level 3, if I had known about them…

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