Can you help a reader out?

Re: lifeline for one of the Absolute Beginner Book Clubs.
There seems to be more people reading along than posting which is fine, but… sometimes there are grammar points or expressions that none of us can figure out on our own.
Rather than repeatedly summoning the same people to help with this, let’s see if you fine folks can help a reader out by answering our questions in this dedicated thread.
Thanks in advance.:peace_symbol::vulcan_salute:

I’ll start with one from @anna_harumaki

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Perhaps some context is necessary, because this just seems to mean “how do you like (this) place?”

I’ll come read it as soon as I’ve managed to get caught up with everything…

(That said, I’m certain that a new thread for “help book club people with book club questions that other book club people can’t answer” is not the way to go. Either post in the existing grammar questions (or not grammar questions) thread, or tag someone you think might have an idea, like Leebo.)


This will probably just summon the same people to help. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re all fine folks, after all.

I agree with Belthazar on the answer.


I agree that this needs context, because ところが can mean “speaking of which/by the way” as well.


Can’t it also mean “however”, or even something like “whereupon”?

I kind of see the objection to this thread, but I imagine that ‘enthusiastic book clubbers’ who might otherwise not be paying any attention to a particular club might check this out when they see posts, because they know it’s asking for particular help with otherwise unanswered questions.

That said, Belthazar’s point that you could ask in the questions threads is very valid, and will net you different answer-ers.


Oh! “However” does work. Basically, it’s usually used to counter a supposition the listener may have. So, something like “contrary to what one might think”. Trying to find a shorter way to say that, I jumped to “by the way”, but I guess the meaning is less clear.

Edit: with respect to the usefulness of this thread, I feel it’s a bit redundant with the grammar question thread or the “quick Japanese question” thread, but at the same time this thread got my attention while I never check the other two :sweat_smile:


Thanks all for the answers. @anna_harumaki did you get clarity on your translation?

As for context, I thought the link to the original post would be enough.
As for redundancy… well, if no one finds this useful, then I will close it. Otherwise, it could be helpful to ‘enthusiastic book clubbers’ as well as attract the attention of other answer-ers who do not feel up to the larger grammar threads.
FWIW- when I was very early on in WK, I posted a question in a grammar thread and got an off-putting response. Your mileage may vary. In general, we are fine people though so let’s see how it plays out.

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You should. :0

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Hi, thanks for all your answers!
The context of this sentence: the situation seemed very bad for the character. But just after this sentence (“ところが どうでしょう!”), we see that the character managed to go out pretty well from the situation.

My first draft translation was: “But see what happened!”
It seems that I got the right feeling of this sentence even if it was not well translated.

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