Strange sentence translations

I noticed some strange example sentences recently. For example:

This is a place for hunting from now on.

I guess this translation could work, but I feel like it makes a lot more natural for it to be “I am about to go hunting now”, but I’m not sure.

Another one is:

Anyway, I think that candidate is the only one I’m going to be supporting.

I feel like this one should be “Anyway, I’m just trying to support a candidate”. This one, I’m almost completely sure is wrong.

I’ve noticed a lot of similar sentences like this before, but this one got on my attention because there were two in the same batch. Is there a convenient way I can report or inquire directly about sentences I’m not sure about? Do you guys agree with these revisions? Thanks!


This sentence has a noun-modifying phrase. “From now, (this place) is a go-to-for-hunting place.”

Ya know, I think I concur with your take on this sentence.


You can either email them at or perhaps tag @mamimumason to get her attention?

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I actually agree with OP’s interpretation of the first one.
これから…するところだ usually means “I’m about to …”
If the person who wrote the sentence really wanted to say that it was going to be a hunting place from now on, they might have used これから「は」which is closer to “from now on.”

As for the second sentence, I agree with you, but I don’t think the subject is “I.” You wouldn’t really use どうせ and だろう about yourself because the sentence is making a conjecture about what someone is trying to achieve.

Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I agree with both of these but I could definitely be wrong. :sweat:

I’ve also noticed some strange translations recently but haven’t spent enough time looking at them to be confident in calling them out. Mostly they were just small things like different tenses anyway. I do wonder if there are more issues with the translations (and typos) in the last 10 levels though since they were added separately or if it’s just me understanding more and paying more attention to them the longer I study.

Oh thanks for bringing this up. I think both translations are a bit off.
I’ll talk to @anon20839864 :slight_smile:


Both fixed!


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