Can we get a warning when typing the reading instead of the meaning?

Just typed midori instead of green and got the meaning wrong. I feel like I should get a warning that I’m on autopilot and screwing it up rather than just getting it wrong. Or is there a good reason against it?


Since typing the answer to a ‘meaning question’ isn’t displayed in kana that’s usually enough to indicate that an English phrase is required, I think.


I mean, obviously, but I think my fingers moved faster than my brain and I hit enter before I could stop myself.

I had the same issue with on- and kunyomi for kanki. They thanked me for the suggestion and said they’d think about if they decided to change their system. It sounded to me like a polite brush off. I’ve started watching for the black band that appears when asking for the reading instead of the meaning. I, too, get going quickly and mix up meaning and reading. I’ve been working on going slowly enough not to make those kinds of mistakes. I hope this helps

This userscript does exactly what you want and even more. You can also mark wrong answers correct if you made a typo. But you have to be careful to not abuse it and be like “I knew that” on every mistake you make.

You can also disable that feature entirely if you want.


I do it all the time, it’s not so bad that you’re thinking in Japanese first. Just take the time to look at what you’ve typed before hitting the enter key. That’s the habit I have made for myself as I don’t use any third party scripts.

It’s that old expression of ‘look before you leap’

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