Im not wrong, am i

i hate it when i mistake the question asking me for the meaning, so i write the meaning, not knowing that it asked for the reading and somehow what i wrote translated into roumaji and i got the question wrong

like when i put い for the reading for 私 or 僕


Correct me if I’m wrong, but wanikani should be already trying to catch those errors. At least it does that for me. Maybe you need a script that separates the look of reading and meaning questions more than how it currently is with black and white.


I believe it warns when you put reading rather than meaning, but not the other way around:

There’s also a difference in the reading/meaning bar other than just the words similar to how pink is for kanji, purple for vocabulary, and blue for radicals. For meaning the bar is light gray and for the reading it’s very dark gray (can be seen in these screenshots). Maybe this can help you identify which it’s asking for quickly without having to waste some extra time checking? I quickly began to subconsciously recognize the dark one to be reading and the light one to be meaning and haven’t had any issues after the first few levels.


I’m pretty sure I’ve had the screen-shake in both directions, but usually English text can’t convert to kana and you’ll get a different error anyway. I might be thinking of the self-study userscript, but I’m pretty sure it does alert you if you are able to enter the meaning rather than the reading (e.g. typing the English word “do” for ()).

@OuchWaterwars : the black/white bar is much more noticeable if you use a browser on a real computer. I noticed early on that when I did my reviews on an iPhone my eyes were down at the text entry bar, so I didn’t even notice the color change in my peripheral vision.

I switched to doing my reviews solely on a real computer around level 10.

So this is interesting:

Searching for “I” from the home page produces zero results. But searching for “do” returns several. I’m pretty sure I’ve had the “you entered the meaning we asked for reading” error with the latter, but OP does not get it for the former.

Maybe it needs at least two keystrokes to recognize you’ve entered the meaning in stead of the reading?

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