Change for reading - meaning

I try not to, but sometimes I write reading or meaning instead of what was asked because previous question was of a different kind. So, my suggestion is next - make system notice if you`re writing the correct reading or meaning when the other thing was asked and give a warning instead of handling it as a mistake.


When it wants the reading, the text box will convert what you type into kana. When it wants the meaning, it will not. Take a moment to read over what you’ve typed before hitting enter, and you shouldn’t make that mistake.


I was actually just thinking that if the correct romaji is entered instead of the meaning, it should shake and say it wants English. But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon unless someone wants to make a script for it…

During the review it does say ‘Reading’ or ‘Meaning’ and the text box changes to kana/English. I won’t say you won’t make mistakes later on but eventually you pick up those subtle clues and you just know which one it’s asking for without thinking about it.

That would be an issue for some words that have the same meaning as reading, like 侍[さむらい], 寸[すん], etc.

In my experience at least, once you notice that meanings have a white bar above the input line and readings have a black bar above the input line, things go pretty smoothly. Also, the input line will either say “Answer” or “答え”.


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