Can someone who uses Renshuu help me understand the workflow?

So, I dabbled in Renshuu a long time ago, and I like the idea of it… I think?

My hope is to use it for drilling grammar. I know it has lots of other stuff, but grammar is what I want to use it for.

This is what my dashboard looks like.

I don’t see a way to even look at what terms I studied of that 10 listed there. It’s not super important, but it’s bugging me that it looks like I started something and can’t find out what it was.

Anyway, please explain, in step-by-step details how you use renshuu for grammar if you do.


Start by creating a study schedule for grammar (under the “learn” menu point). Add items to the schedule and go from there.


I’m not sure if you’re still interested in this but if you are -

Renshuu was really hard to set up at first but I absolutely love it! I mostly use it for vocabulary and find it better than almost any other SRS program I’ve come across. is the site I use more for grammar. (Though I do use both Renshuu and Bunpro for grammar.) I pretty much use the two sites every day.

To set up a study schedule for renshuu

  1. Under the “Learn” menu at the top go to “Study Library”

  2. At the bottom left click the tab called “SCHEDS”

  3. Click the blue button “Make a schedule”

  4. Click the type of schedule (Vocab, Kanji, or Grammar) and enter the name you would like to call the schedule. Then press the “Add study materials” button.

  5. Find whatever you want to study in the study library that opens by using the “Schedule all” and “Schedule this” buttons!

You can also add anything you want to any schedule you’ve already made from the dictionary or from sentences by clicking the green + button!

Once the schedule is set up it will be on your front page to click on. It will tell you when reviews are do and allow you to make changes to the schedule. You can choose how many to study per day, how many new things you’d like to learn, how large you’d like the quizzes to be and more!

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