Does anybody use Renshuu?

I was wondering if anyone else used Renshuu. It isn’t a SRS to my knowledge but it has a mastery level for each vocabulary word. The more mastery, the less it will show up. The reason I don’t think it is an SRS is because you don’t have to wait a certain amount of time to review. You can change the settings for the amount of words that you learn per day\week. I know about 80 words from there. I was wondering if there was another option that teaches words in SRS besides Anki (Doesn’t feel comfy with the computer (:3 」∠) ). Thank you for reading and any replies in advance.

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I’ve used it in the past. It’s okay for vocab, but I prefer WK’s way of introducing kanji (based on radicals) and found the grammar exercises even less useful in teaching than Bunpro, so all I really used it for was some vocab (which I later found other systems for I preferred) and some of the exercises like the crosswords and shiritori.

I think you’re confusing introduction of new items with review of already seen items. What you describe here:

is all an SRS is. Answer an item correctly, you’ve remembered it for some period of time, so it’s not going to show up for some longer period of time. Answer an item incorrectly, you didn’t remember it, so it’s going to show up faster than it did last time. Whether you introduce 1 new item a day, 10 new items a day, or the entirety of Japanese vocabulary all at once is irrelevant to that.

If you want the flexibility to add your own items and expand beyond vocab like Anki offers, Kitsun offers a more user-friendly way (and allows you to type in your answers with some tolerance for typos)

If all you want is vocab from a predefined list, I rather like Torii for that purpose.

Thank you so much!

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I’m coming from the perspective of a new user of renshuu. It’s hard to say what I’ll think of it in the long run. For now, I find it most helpful for grammar. I’ve tried bunpro before and it really didn’t stick with me though I don’t have any specific reasons why.

Grammar is going fine with renshuu thanks to the user comments on grammar items for extra explanations, but more importantly thanks to the fact that I keep my own Google Doc of Japanese notes for grammar. With every new item I decide I don’t know, I write up my own explanation of that grammar point and come up with my own example sentence(s) in addition to one or two provided by renshuu.

The above has been helping to get grammar points into my long term memory with less need for the SRS. There’s an additional caveat there that I study linguistics, so grammar doesn’t trip me up as much as it can for others, especially once I figure out what general linguistic concept something covers (like らしい as a sentence-ender being an evidentiality marker; once I know “oh, it’s evidentiality” things just click from there, whereas hearing the word ‘evidentiality’ probably doesn’t help a non-linguist much).