On paying for Renshuu Pro subscription. How fast?

I am sick of creating an Anki deck for みんなの日本語, so I decided to take a peak at http://renshuu.org. The nicety is SRS deck is pre-made, so that I don’t have to make my own. Very good.

The only problem? There is only decks for Vocab for みんなの日本語. Grammar by N5 isn’t that bad, but I plan to go with old plan – following みんなの日本語, and there isn’t a deck for that.

My focus for now? I want to improve my listening real quick, and WaniKani’s Kanji don’t help much with that.

My old plan is 1 chapter of みんなの日本語 per day, and I haven’t failed yet. The only problem is Anki deck creation.

So, what is to be expected from Pro version of Renshuu? I have just started Renshuu today, should I wait 1 more week for promotional period? I am not short on money anyway, but I don’t want to pay for something I will use only for a few days.


Renshuu is awesome for learning vocab (and reinforcing your kanji), and there’s a fair bit of grammar in there. I use it every day. There are loads of vocab lists. From what I can see there are 50 lessons from みんなの日本語 there, with about 20-50 words in each. Or do you mean a みんなの日本語 grammar deck? I don’t bother with decks for grammar, I do the exercises in Genki.

I use Genki myself as I say. I created a Schedule for all the vocab from the Genki chapters I’ve read, and told it what kanji I’ve learned from Wanikani, and that’s what it tests me on. When a kanji pops up in light grey that I realise I just learned on here I tick the lightbulb so it gets included in future tests. To create a Schedule go to Study Library and click on SCHEDS on the left, create a Schedule and add Genki chapters 1-x or whatever.

For listening go to Japanesepod101.

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What I want to find the most is indeed “みんなの日本語 grammar deck”, but I still don’t know the best way to learn grammar. (Or even, how much is grammar needed in passive skills?)

Well grammar is very important. You must know a fair bit if you’re level 43 on here presumably? The grammar on Renshuu is divided into 3 levels or N5-1, but it is in sections eg beginner verbs, beginner adjectives, and you can search it all. Of the 3 levels there are 60 lessons in Basic, 181 in Intermediate, and 440 in Advanced. I don’t know if there are many grammar test. I just tried creating a schedule and you seem to just have the N5-1 there. I tried to make an N5 one but there seems to be a bug which may be because I’m on the beta, so I’m filing a report.

Edit - the problem only seems to be if I try to all all of N5 in one go. I tried adding one chunk individually and it worked ok.