How do I start using Renshuu?

I just signed up for Renshuu and I’m not sure how it works. Does anybody already got experience with the site?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey man. Same here, I have no freaking clue.
I just look at the dashboard like a cat who’s just licked an ice cream.
After browsing through help and faq and some threads, I’ve posted a message in hope for help on the website but I don’t know how’s the community there so wish me luck.
If anyone feels nice enough to explain us or give a link to an explanation, I’d be more than grateful.


Ok thanks for replying. Let me know if you get any news on that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been using Renshuu every day for over a year now. It takes a bit of work to set up and I don’t know of a guide anywhere but I’ll try to point you in the right direction to get started.

The way I use it (which I think is the recommended way) is to create “schedules” which contain a pool of items to study and which automatically track which items you need to study each day. Each schedule contains items from one of the following areas: vocab, kanji, or grammar.

There may be a quicker way to do this for new users who don’t already have a schedule but this is how it shows up for me. You can set up a new schedule by selecting Learn>Study Libary in the main menu. On the left side of the Study Library, select “SCHEDS”, click the “Make a Schedule” button, and choose the type of schedule you want (vocab, kanji, grammar). Now give it a name and finally you have a schedule that you can start adding items to. You can add items from existing lists like JLPT levels, Kanji Kentei, textbooks, etc. Or you can add them individually from the site’s dictionary by clicking on the + icon and checking off the schedule you want to add the term to.

Once you finally have some items in your schedule, click the study button on the schedule to get started studying. You’ll probably also want to dive into the schedule settings at some point to change the quiz size, quiz types, number of new terms to add per quiz/day, etc. in order to get it set up the way you want to use it. You can change your timezone and daily reset time from your account settings along with a number of other options.

Hopefully this gets you on the right track. There’s a lot of customizability and it unfortunately isn’t very clear.


Thanks for your efforts explaining this process. I will try that out. ありがとう😄



Thank you so much. By the way, is there anyway to remove a schedule? Unfortunately I don’t see any “delete” button


The delete button is in the “settings” panel of the schedule.

I’ve been using Renshuu for three months now. I use it alongside WaniKani for kanji and vocab, but ordered by JLPT level. Here are my schedules:

Banzaï is a grammar book I have at home. I have a schedule with the vocabulary from the book.


Thanks man.
It’s a shock to me that they don’t feel like they need a tutorial lol.
I mean come on

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@johnDoe yeah right? I was totally lost smh

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Actually there’s a tutorial, it’s just doesn’t tell you most of the stuff you need to know.


I know that. I’m talking about a real tutorial.
Not just pointing out “here’s the home button, here’s the dashboard” those are just hints for the blind


So will ya’ll be using Renshuu for vocabulary practice or grammar? I’m still not sure what to use it for because I got human Japanese and bunpro. And if anybody got good lessons to recommend I would be glad of they could share them.

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Sidenote: I don’t know if it’s any use, but if you want to add me on Renshuu…

I use it mostly for vocab/kanji alongside WaniKani to gradually work my way through each JLPT level. I just have one schedule of each type that I lump everything into.

I guess I don’t understand how you can’t figure this out. Not trying to be mean here, its just that I didn’t know Renshuu existed until today. I made an account, and it had a nice little tutorial, helped me set up my schedules and away I went. I see nothing difficult or hard to figure out here. The tutorial covered everything but the hotkeys. I did this in Chrome, maybe you guys were using another browser? Is it possible the tutorial didn’t happen because the browser was unsupported? Did you go too fast and close the tutorial thinking it was a pop-up? The only thing I struggled with was my username, it wouldn’t except anything in English from me, it said I was using invalid characters or something, so I just made my username in Japanese. Add me if you want, i’m メロンソーダ。

There’s always this guy


@johnDoe ikr. By the way I think I’ll stick with Bunpro and Human Japanese. If you want you can tell me how it goes with Renshuu. :+1:t5:


I’m also sticking to bunpro. I’ll probably find a use to renshuu later but for the moment it’s redundant with bunpro imo.