Can someone give me the literal meaning of this phrase

勝る もの は ない

its a phrase in a song that was originally in English
and im having trouble with meaning

i have it as
to exceed things not being

any thoughts?

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I guess a literal translation would be “something that surpasses (勝るもの) doesn’t exist (はない).” Though a more natural translation of a sentence like 「Xに勝るものはない」 would likely be something like “you can’t beat x” or “there’s nothing like x.”

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Yeah I’m with crayfish. “There’s nothing better” is what my guess would be.

thanks. the orginal english was “nothing compares to this”. so looks like u guys nailed it. is there a better dictionary than jisho?

Jisho isn’t to blame for your original translation, I think you need to study grammar more.

EDIT: that’s not to say there aren’t better dictionaries, Jisho is just another free dictionary that uses the same database most free ones use. But I see nothing there that would prevent the correct interpretation.

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do you have any grammer suggestions i have the genki books but they are boring. keeping up with kaniwani and wanikani together is tough already
so the last thing i want to do is stick my head in a book at 11pm

You will have to find a way to study grammar that works for you. Genki is popular, and I think is one of the most “fun” textbooks. You could self study with Imabi or Tae Kim online, or join a class… Nihongonomori Youtube also is a resource, but I don’t know if they have beginners’ stuff. If you can pay, Textfugu is worth a look, see if its still around. (There is a successor in development)
If you don’t learn grammar you won’t ever be able to use the vocab you are trying to hard to learn! So keep it balanced! :slight_smile:

Nihongonomori does have a beginner’s grammar series, presented in English. I’m not sure if it takes you all the way up to their all-Japanese content though.

thanks for the suggestions. i do like the pay ones because im more motivated when my money is involved

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