Just learned the lyrics to Plastic Love

This song opened up a new world of music for me. Thank you Mariya Takeuchi :pray:t5:


that’s great! i tried to learn that song last year and failed miserably :sweat_smile: I have been tackling smaller easier songs and am going to work my way up to plastic love. Judging by your avatar i assume you’ll be happy to know the first of those songs was そげキング

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yeah sounds like a good approach, you’ll learn new kanji in no time that way ^^

oh cool, I haven’t learned that song actually but I think now it’s a good opportunity to do so :+1:t5:

edit: I just looked at the lyrics and realized that could only sing the German version until now haha, now I can sing both!!

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Ummh ummh

i know it’s plastic looooove…

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