Can I just delete words from my reviews!


So, I’ve been a member for almost 10 years! However, I took two years out and instead used the Migaku plug in on Anki and Kanji God, and a full immersion learning strategy, coupled with Bunpro for grammar. I’m around JLPT 3, but I’m pretty janky.

It really pains me to say it, after making thousands of personalised flashcards, but … Wanikani suits my brain better. I was struggling to remember the meanings and readings of new kanji by just seeing them every so often in new words. I applaud anyone who can remember new words from repeated exposure alone, but the WK formula of exposing you to loads of vocab alongside every new kanji does a great job of reinforcing readings and meaning. At least for my logic brain.

I’m planning to go back to Migaku once I’ve got to level 60. It’s a fantastic system, but you need to be a certain level, or have a certain type of brain, to get the best of it.

Anyway, backstory out of the way. Since I came back, there have been loads of hiragana and katakana vocab added to the lower levels. Stuff like さよなら etc. Is there a way of just deleting these from my deck so they don’t bloat my routine up? I don’t want to be seeing これ and どれ for the next few days.

Thanks guys!


why dont you just just mark them as correct? They will rarely appear so soon.

I always marked radicals as correct so I barely see them in reviews.

That’s what I’ve been doing so far, but what with catching up on 2 years of backlog, cutting down on any superfluous cards would save me some time.

Thankfully I put my account into vacation mode when I first moved over to Migaku, but the curve is still pretty steep, and will be for the next month or so until I get over this first hump.

But then you’d be able to move on with your life! And WK wouldn’t want that, would it?


It was a hotly debated topic for a while.

I’m sure there’s some script to do it. It really ought to be a base feature, but WK doesn’t really communicate about features any more. It’s not that big of a deal, and I guess writing these posts will take up almost as much time in our lives as just slogging through these absolutely inane kana-words will.

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WK might be the only product I know where devs and the user base are in a constant tug of war between making the product worse (devs) and trying to make it better (rando’s online).


I’m surprised no one has made a script that lets you mark certain items to automatically pass for you yet. I could see it being a huge timesave not just for kana vocab, but also items you 100% know. It’d definitely be easily abusable, but as someone going through for a second time, it’d be a huge help. Maybe one day if I stop being lazy I’ll make it.

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Actually I got a model of that program up and running as we speak.

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Or autofill the answer so the user just presses return to immediately skip over it, but still gets some exposure to the item.

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I want the button to say “F@#$ IT” and autofill the answer.

Haha, very funny…

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