WaniKani should let you opt out of vocabulary

There’s just too much of them per lesson, with redundancies like having a separate items for suru verbs with the suru and without it, or フランス人 and アメリカ人, that the amount of reviews become overwhelming as levels progress. As someone who had studied Japanese before starting WK, I found it really frustrating not to be able to choose what vocab I wanted to learn. Like I already can read things like 火曜日 and 中学校 really well, and because of WKs random lesson ordering there’s no way to avoid words you already know.

I’ve heard people say “it just reinforces the kanji” but there’s so much vocab that unless you do it every day, reviews can easily pile up into the hundreds. I end up not finishing reviews and then end up not getting to words that I really do want to learn.

I’ve started using the reorder script and just doing kanji and radicals on WK and then doing an Anki deck for vocab, but I wish I could just do it all in one place.

I know that the Kanji mnemonics are built upon the radicals, I’m not arguing for skipping those. I just feel like there should be like a checkbox on the vocab page so you can take off words you don’t want to learn
(Someone please tell me there’s a script for this :sweat_smile: )


You can

Just add the same synonym to every vocab reading and meaning, and enter it when it asks you.

Whether that’s a good idea or not is a different question. Spoiler: that’s a terrible idea


Its alot easier to forget the kanji without the reinforcement of vocabulary. Not to mention that these are the same vocabulary we will need to understand and read Japanese anyways…

If its too much to handle, you can always go at a slower pace, especially if you grab the lifetime sale which runs until January 8th.

Otherwise you can essentially skip vocab lessons and reviews by using the Reorder script, which allows you to sort your reviews by radical, kanji, vocabulary, and also by level. You say that you’ve installed it already but it also works for lessons, so give that a try.


It seems to me that @arisaclear only wants to “opt out” of certain vocabulary that they already know and do the rest. (Especially because they already use the Reorder script, which lets them opt out of all vocabulary in a much better way than adding synonyms to it.)

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I don’t know, doesn’t sound like a feature I personally would be interested in. Can’t imagine this would be beneficial to many beginner learners of Japanese either. I’m beginning to notice that the number 1 reason my accuracy sometimes drops, is that my lesson review piles up and I don’t do the vocabulary for the newly learnt Kanji until after a while. The reinforcement is just necessary to learn the kanji.


It’s not that bad. More practice isn’t a bad thing.

Plus it would be impractical and probably a negative overall. I’m sure plenty of people would want to skip vocab that they really shouldn’t. Besides if it’s a word you already know cold it shouldn’t take more than a couple seconds for a review.

Control your view count by managing apprentice level cards, to whatever level you can do every day.


I don’t know of a script that does this, but it would be possible to store a list of items you don’t like and answer them correctly for you in the reviews automatically without showing up. Or extend reorder to put the list items at the end of the session, so that you can wrap up or just do them anyway.

It should be possible write a script that would let you mark items that you want to skip, which would be then hidden from your reviews.

I don’t think creating it is super straightforward. And given the lack of interest from the majority of the community it’s unlikely someone is going to create it. That us unless you want to give it a go :wink:

The most straightforward approach would be synonyms. Just use an easy to press button as your single letter synonym. The Tsurukame app has a single step synonym function, maybe there is a script for the same thing.

Manual skipping has benefits also since you can make use of the native audio to double check your pronunciation even if its something simple like 火曜日. Think native speakers generally mention lack of precision/distinction of long and short vowels is a common issue for comprehensibility of non natives.


If vocab is too much, just quit.

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WK does rely on vocabulary to teach you kanji readings other than the most common one, so skipping vocabulary would bypass that mechanism. That said, it’s not that hard to look up kanji readings in other resources if you really need them.

I know that MIA argues that you absolutely should delete Anki cards that you’re consistently getting wrong, because they’re just a waste of energy; it’s probably a reasonable opinion. It might be kind of nice if WK had a mechanism to do something similar. To prevent abuse, it could be an option that only shows up if you’ve had the word get up to at least Master and missed it more than ten times, or some such formula.

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