I hate Wednesdays now

I don’t know how you would better introduce the kana-only vocab into people’s study backlogs, but I’m desperately trying to work through the Kanji for level 19, and now every wednesday there’s another 10-ish random garbage words I have to learn and muddy my brain up with while my stupid brain can only keep track of 3 new kanji per day (and barely even at that pace).

When eventually you get to the later levels I’ll probably better enjoy coming across the vocab, but for now filling in the holes with the lower levels every week makes me despise realizing it’s Wednesday again, and another day (or several) will be wasted trying to get this crap past guru.


Same here…


Unless you’re trying to prepare for JLPT or some other exam and have a set date by which you need to learn by, there is no rush to complete wanikani. I am going at a leisure pace and encountering some familiar kana word is a welcome thing. In fact I actually enjoy the mental break as it makes reviews less daunting. If you really hate them you can do like some other people and add a single letter synonym so you can get them out of the way without even thinking about them. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the promised opt out that might or might not actually happen


I’m very glad I found TsuruKame’s reordering feature and started messing with that before kana-only vocab started being added. I can only stand to add 5 in a day since I already know them, so as long as I’ve got current-level vocab available, I can do 5 of each. In theory, I don’t mind and even like the addition of kana-only vocab, but 1) it’s definitely easier on new users who come across them interleaved with the kanji vocab as intended rather than dumped on them in batches (esp when they’re words you already know), and 2) all of them so far have been pretty basic ones, and there was only one that I personally had had difficulty remembering before its addition (おやつ). More words that aren’t ones that a beginner would likely already know would be nice. A shuffle lessons feature might be nice too… Grab 5 random unlocked ones rather than the 5 earliest.

I very much hope they add that feature to let users skip known kana vocab that they were considering, but I’m not sure how high those hopes are (known vocab in general while we’re at it, but, lol)


Or you might want to get through WK so you can actually enjoy the content you want to consume sooner? There are plenty of reasons to want to go through WK as soon as possible. Just because you are fine with it, doesn’t mean it’s something that everybody should be cheering. Kana words has not business being in a deck that you use for learning kanji, none.


Notice how I said what I thought about it and never said how other people should feel about it. In fact I even suggested a workaround if they really hated them. Finally, wanikani is NOT a kanji deck. It is an app to learn to read Japanese. Whatever people felt it was based on some obscure post from almost a decade ago clashes with what’s clearly stated in the website about learning kanjis AND vocab, and recent posts from the team clearly stating what the goal of the service is. Of course not all services are suitable for all goals. If one for whatever reason only wants to study kanji on here and the mere sights of kana words is triggering then maybe other services are more suitable.


A lot of it is not based on an obscure post, but people’s personal experiences. The vocab is here to enforce specific kanji readings, otherwise it’s difficult to justify the selection of some words which are so obscure even natives don’t use them.

If someone were after vocab specifically, Anki + a decent deck would be way more efficient than WaniKani.


When the program teaches about 90-95% of the kanji you need, but only about 20% (give or take) of words you need to be able manage most native content, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s a kanji learning app.

I’m sorry, I actually still don’t notice this. You literally said “there is no rush to complete wanikani”. If you want to convey that tone better, it’s better to preface with “in my opinion”, “personally” or “I think”. It makes a pretty big difference in communication, even if it may seem like a small thing.


I got the reordering scripts on my phone and PC versions. I set my filters to allow 0 kana. I have to click quiz when I see it, so it’s a little finicky.

But I agree holding up my level progression because of それ and ここ is insane.


If your level progression is being held back by それ I think you have serious problems to consider. How much time does it take to review those again?


You’re right, if it was just the それ that would make me the biggest dumbass here. But we’re not talking about just これ. They added and continue to add words and a lot of us sane people set limits to how many vocabs and kanji we do in a day.


I think the fact that if the program teaches only about 20% of words one needs to be able to manage native content is a great argument in favour of the introduction of kana only words, so this poor figure can be improved. Wanikani’s mission is to give users the kanjis and words to be able to read, so if kanjis are covered at 90-95% and words only at 20% clearly a lot more words and effort on words is required to fulfil the mission they set for themselves.

As for “I think”, “personally” etc. in my opinion they are often unnecessary. I think that everything we say and write is only our own opinion as I believe that nobody holds the truth and all we can do is just expressing our worldview. Personally I don’t care if people put these redundant space fillers here and there, and I find them redundant in most situations. Since you seem to care about them a lot though, I offer some help and fix your own message as follow:

I think that if you want to convey that tone in what t I believe is a better way, my opinion is that it is better to preface with “in my opinion”, “personally” or “I think”. personally I find this makes a big different in communication, even if it may seem like a small thing

Jokes aside, everything I said, I say and I will say in the future it’s only my own opinion, so feel free to imagine I said “I think” before every sentence, whether I actually said it or not. I think you should do the same about every other message of every other user too, unless you believe them to be some supernatural entity who holds the actual Truth.

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you can literally get these words ANYWHERE and learn them at the same time for free.


I think part of the issue is that a lot of us are lifetime subscribers and subscribed under the impression that it was primarily a kanji-learning program, since that was what it was at the time we paid for it. Adding kana-only vocab words, while not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, adds a ton of bloat to the time it takes to complete the kanji-learning program that we signed up for.

Like, I live in Japan. I take classes and speak to my coworkers and read books and do other things to learn a lot of these vocab words. What WK gave me was a way to drill kanji effectively, with enough vocab to reinforce both the primary and common alternate readings. It’s already a very long program for a lot of people, and adding words that aren’t relevant to the main goal (which, if it has really changed to teaching reading as a whole rather than kanji, is…not what we paid for) is actively hindering us from getting what we came here for.

This week’s update was better than the last ones. Less-intuitive loan words, onomatopoeia - things that could actually benefit from being SRS’d. But it’s still not very good for people who have actively studied outside of WK. It wouldn’t be hard to make it optional. They could add just a little checkbox, a “remove this from my deck” button, then assign it a different color and let it be set aside. Maybe they could make it so you can’t “officially” complete WK without completing those words, but you would be able to focus on the things that matter more to you. Some people might abuse that feature, sure, but they’re only sabotaging themselves in that case. Let them, if that’s what they choose.


And it’s typically words you learn before even diving into kanji most of the time. It has no use.


Right these are Genki 1 levels of kana. We don’t even engage with Kanji until we usually have these words under our belts.


Suppose they added 2000 kana-only vocabulary evenly distributed through each level. That’s 33 per level. Kana only vocabulary only require you to type the meaning, not the reading.

If these words are so easy for you, you’ll only see each one 8 times before it gets burned. Each rep takes maybe 3 seconds but I’ll round it up to 5 for you. That’s 22 minutes per level to burn all new items. If you level up once every two weeks since you’re “sane”, that’s 1.5 minutes a day averaged out across 6 months or so. IF they added 2000 words and each rep takes 5 seconds (it doesn’t).

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I wouldn’t trust that it will be that easy even for words that you know, considering ない rejected “not” as an answer (don’t know if that’s been fixed - I added it as a user synonym as soon as I could, but missed it a couple of times in that interval). WK’s rigidity does not lend itself well to teaching some of these words, and I doubt that they’ll never have issues like that crop up again.

Furthermore, it bloats things in other ways too - a lot of users limit the amount of things they have in Apprentice at any given time, so the kana-only words clog that up and reduce the speed of getting through the actual kanji lessons.


thats 2000 words I already know that stopped me from finishing in 2 years and now takes me 3 years because while yes the review time doesn’t take more than 5 seconds, the SRS time does. So now the Kanji that will make the difference between leveling up in 3 days get pushed back to 5-6 days, unneccarily doubling the time to level up.


Finishing wanikani takes you a year longer because you refuse to click through BS words for 1 minute a day. Personal choice.