Should I cancel/hold my annual subscription till level 3?

I payed for annual subscription before realising up to level 3 is free.
Am I charging myself unnecessarily for levels 1 and 2 (I’m currently on level 2)?
If so, should I put a hold on my account till I’m past level 3.
Loving wanikani and tofugu everything so far has been a total blast

Well, you already paid so I guess it’s too late :man_shrugging:

Get the lifetime.

I am sure if you ask Koichi he will work it out for you.

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Ah yes, pay 110 more dollars. I feel stupid for not realizing what op REALLY needed.

arigatoo desu

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Email the Koichi and ask him what to do. I have good experience with the staff of this page.

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Hahah, no i like the option of having a year as the deadline (the year) forces me to stay active on wanikani.
If i had a lifetime to do it, I know i would kick back and take the whole thing too leisurely.
Okay, it sounds like I will email hello@. Thanks for the advice guys!

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Dat hiniku tho!


I would rather get that golden 60

The 60 will be golden anyways, the only difference is if your name is blue or purple until them.

I’m honestly surprised you didn’t realize up to level 3 is free. That message was drilled into me when I signed up, and even when you go to purchase a sub there is a big notice at the top of the page.
Hopefully they can work something out for you, though.

I’m still not sure if payment is taken till level 3 or not.
I’m also not sure how your comment helps my question.

It doesn’t help your question.
But here is a quote at the bottom of the subscription page regarding your next question:

WaniKani will charge you at the beginning of a subscription period. A period begins on the date when a subscription is added and ends a month or year after the date, depending on the plan selected. Refer to the generated invoice for more information.

If you do not wish to have your subscription on recurring charge (Month or Annual) simply cancel the subscription anytime during the subscription period under Billing. The account will remain active until the end of the subscription period. At the end of your subscription you will only have access to the free levels (up to level 3). Don’t fret! If you decide to subscribe again you’ll be back to where you have left off.

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