Changing WaniKani subscription

Hey guys.

I’m thinking of changing my WK subscription and go from yearly to lifetime. I was just wondering if I have to cancel the current one or just change to the new one and the yearly subscription will be cancelled automatically. How does this work? I don’t want to be charged double :sweat_smile:

Typically you get a prorated reimbursement for unused time. There’s usually a holiday sale at the end of the year (~33% off) that might be worth waiting for.


Yeah, as Glias said, not only should you not be charged double (you’ll change your subscription method, not set up a new payment), you should also receive a refund based on how much of your yearly subscription is left, if any.

But the anticipated christmas sale usually sees the price drop from $299 to $199, so is probably worth waiting for (though not guaranteed to happen, of course).


Great guys thanks! I think I will wait for the end-of-year discount.


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