Can anyone recommend an anki deck for writing practice?

Ideally it would be something with a large number of sentences where one typically-kanji word was written in kana. And then the reverse side shows how to write the kanji.

And ideally these wouldn’t be learner-written sentences.

It doesn’t need to be organized by any particular difficulty. In fact, I’m trying to get away from things specifically for certain Kanken levels, etc. Just for a break.

Anyone using something like that?


Not what you asked but here is an idea. Get a librivox audiobook and write out the sentences as you listen, then compare them against the gutenberg text. I suppose you could make an anki deck out of that. Not sure how archaic the japanese texts there might be though.


I do own audiobook / physical book pairs, so using them like that is an option.


I have been looking, but haven’t found any so far :confused:
Following this thread in case someone has found something!

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