Looking for a resource to practice writing words, not just kanji

Hey guys,

I’m starting to take writing Japanese quite seriously, and I’m looking for a resource to help me with this.

I’m using an anki deck to practice my individual kanji writing, but I want a resource that has common words in Japanese where I could see the meaning of the word, write it down on paper and then being able to check if I wrote everything right.

I have a couple ideas in mind, but do you guys do something similar? If so, what resource do you use?


Translating sentences is also a good way to go. particle practice, conjugation practice can not be missed in writing.

Maybe take JP sentences from your lwarning resource, translate to native language, and try to go back a couple days or a week later (long enough for you that you can’t just write it from memory).


I use Anki for writing vocab, with the translation on one side and the kanji on the other, but you could also put the hiragana on one side and kanji on the other. You could look for a deck with common words and then use it the same way you use your deck now.

There are things called 漢字ドリル, which maybe be what you are looking for. 3 that seem to be popular (I see them in stores more than others) are…



Or the 漢検 ones.

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