Getting something I got wrong in the past week burned

Something feels wrong with my basic understanding of WK.

My understanding is that if I get an Mastered or Enlightened item wrong it drops to Guru 1 or 2 respectively.

And the timings that I understand would result in at LEAST another 5 months to getting it back to burned. It’s harsh, but I agree with it.

However every now and then there is an item that I could SWEAR I got wrong in the past week, but then I burn it that same week.

How is that possible? Can anyone help me figure it out?

could be a kanji or radical item you got wrong, that looks the same as the item you end up burning?


Do you occasionally leave your reviews uncompleted?

Because if you only do 1 side of the item (reading OR meaning) and get it wrong, that wrong answer won’t be stored forever until you do the other side left. During my time, the wrong answer would be saved for 2h and after that it would be as if it had never happened, but now I’m not sure :thinking:

The incomplete items also don’t save between devices. So if you do one side of the item (reading or meaning) on the computer and then go and do that item on your phone, you’ll have to do both sides again (which you’ll probably get right now that you got it wrong recently), and the item ends up getting ranked up instead of ranked down.

Not sure if this is the reason, but it’s quite possible to be :slight_smile:

If this is indeed the problem, before leaving a review session is always advised to click on wrap-up option (If you don’t know what it is, ask away - I don’t have reviews to be able to show you where it is right now).

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@Saida, I have caught myself making that mistake before, but in this case I explicitly remember the vocabulary for “each area” was wrong. There was a similar Vocab that I had answered the reading of and was waiting on the meaning to appear, but then I got too excited and wrote the wrong meaning into that vocab. While I think you are right and that explains some of the times this has happened to me in the past, I don’t think that was the case this time.

@jprspereira, I almost never do that, however yesterday my boss messaged me in the middle of my reviews with some urgent business and I couldn’t get back to it until now, so that MAY explain why this has happened to me this time! But I would say that I’ve never left a review unfinished in the last 3 months prior to this and it has happened before. I’ll try to pay attention to specific cases so I can bring a more complete example here.

Thank you both for your thoughts!


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