Burned Items In The Last 30 Days

I’m sure I would find out in due time but what is ‘Burned Items in the Last 30 Days?’

I’ve not seen any items in that column and it is bugging me to know what it is lol

Burned items mean those items that you have completed learning, i.e., you have put those items through the apprentice- guru- master- enlightened and finally the burnt stage. So whatever you have burnt in the last 30 days will come up under that. It takes about 6 months (if I’m not wrong) to burn an item assuming you get it correct each time you answer it.


Thank you @irabuyu. I had a feeling it was something to do with items you had done well on and needed to return to just to reinforce the knowledge.

I appreciate that you cleared it up for me :relaxed:


As others have said, “Burned” is where items go once WaniKani considers you to have fully memorised them.

Here’s a handy reference for how long it takes for each stage: When do I get to 'burn' items? - #11 by Kumirei

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Achieving your first burn is an exciting time for everyone. It’s an undeniable sign of real progress and a testimony to persistent daily practice.

The progression appears to be:

  1. Several months anxiously awaiting your first burn.
  2. Many weeks of surprise at how quickly you’re burning items.
  3. Shock and mild fear the first time you burn an item you answered somewhat tentatively. (“Really, I knew that?!!”).
  4. More months of ho-hum, still burning. (But slight angst realizing you won’t review those items again.)
  5. Level 60 already?!! Time to reset or unburn all those items I’m not really convinced I know.
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