What does it mean when you "burn" something?

So we go through stages. Apprentice, master, enlightened, etc. But at the very end is Burn and i want to know if an item gets burned is that a good thing or a bad thing.

Currently level 2 and reaching enlightened on most of my items so burned is next.


Burned basically means you know it well enough that you don’t need to review it on WaniKani anymore. So in that sense it is a good thing, though in reality you will still forget some words that you have burned if you never encounter them in real life.

If you don’t mind me asking, are you trying to get your items burned before leveling up or something like that?


Burned: This item is “fluent” in your brain. The answer comes with little-to-no effort. You will remember this item for a long, long time. Even if you don’t use it and “forget” it sometime in the future, it should come back to you quickly after recalling it. Items that are “burned” no longer show up in reviews. You can unburn an item on an item’s individual page, which returns the item to Apprentice.


Definitely not. I’m trying to make it to level 60 by following the program. I was just weary of burning an item to soon because of exactly what you said. I kinda don’t want to burn items but i guess they will eventually!

Gotcha. For better or worse, that’s just how the system works. Thankfully, if you forget a burned item and want to learn it again, you can “resurrect” it from the item page, which basically resets it to Apprentice 1.


I know it’s not what you were asking but here (the first part of the article) gives a tiny bit of explanation why the term ‘burn’ and turtles are used. It never hurts to learn more stuff.


It’s bad for the item, good for you.


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