Bug/error not accepting correct reading for 平

Lvl 4 kanji 平, using Chrome on Android device with SwiftKey jp keyboard.

It happened to me twice already, maybe more, since I may not have noticed it thinking I’m typing an incorrect answer.

Every time I type へい (didn’t try the others), for the first time it marks the reading as incorrect, when I have to type it second time, it magically accepts, even though the answer I type is exactly the same.

Is it something from my side? The IME that I use? I hadn’t got any problem with any other kanji or vocabulary… this one seems not to like hay :stuck_out_tongue:


You shouldn’t use an IME


I’m not sure, but I doubt using an IME instead of the standard romaji-to-kana input WaniKani provides causes any troubles. It’s the same characters afterall.

Another reason might be that you’re using the katakana ヘ instead of the hiragana へ.
I’m not sure what exact input method you’re using. But you seem to be using a mobile device, which generally make the first letter of whatever you type capital, which would result in katakana instead of hiragana.
He -> katakana ヘ
he -> hiragana へ


I see you’re using Android. Go ahead and just download WK for WaniKani. You just need your API for the app to fetch your info (and then I’m pretty sure you need to log in) and WaniKani-ing will be much smoother on your phone. You won’t even need to use a separate keyboard, just keep your keyboard in English and the app will turn your romaji to hiragana for you.

I also think this is most probable reason

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The auto-cap resulting in katakana is a very common issue on mobile.

That being said, we do recommend you not use another IME with WaniKani due to the potential for wackiness. It doesn’t always conflict with the built-in one, but there’s always the chance, and turning off the other IME is always going to be our first troubleshooting recommendation.

Thanks so much. I was surprised because it only happened with this particular kanji, I’ve never had any issues like this before. I won’t be using IME for WK then. Maybe I’ll try @elihenson13 suggestion and download the app.

That was the exact reason I started using IME (set to hiragana as a default input), because I’ve noticed the exact thing you’re talking about. :wink:

Thank you guys! :smile:

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