Wanikani sometimes marks correct answers as wrong

This is an example on my phone, it’s marked me wrong…

Then it marked me right.

I’ve just had it on the computer too, but I hit enter too quickly to go the the next one to notice and get a screen shot. In this case it was 近 which I put きん for and it marked me incorrect and then it offered it again and I put きん again and it marked me correct.

Help please! It is harming my progress. I reckon I’ve seen it several times but until I saw it on the phone I’d assumed I’d mistyped.

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Send an email to hello@wanikani.com

They’ll respond quicker that way.

Edit: See @Leebo’s post below. I think he’s right since phone keyboards tend to auto-capitalize the first letter.

Be careful with へ, because it looks identical in katakana and hiragana (as in, you might have actually typed Heiki, rather than heiki, with a capital H). This will be interpreted by the system as mixed kana and marked wrong, even though it’s visually indistinguishable.

Any others we’d have to consider on a case-by-case basis.


Thanks. I’ll try and collect other examples, and keep that one in mind, to see if that’s it.

Maybe it should do the wiggle wiggle like it does if you type an onyomi and it suggests it wants the kunyomi etc, if you type katakana, since that I assume it never will need katakana when asking for a reading?

Some words like アメリカじん and ビーだま have those specific katakana / hiragana combos added as acceptable answers. And I imagine if you tried to answer あめりかジン it would be marked wrong.

In those scenarios they do allow all hiragana answers out of convenience as well… so it is a little muddled I guess.

Shaking for mixed kana in other scenarios is something they could consider, for sure.


Yeah, actually when it asks for the reading of シアトル市 it and ビーだま does accept しあとるし and びーだま, handily since I didn’t know how to type katakana in it, though I’ve since installed a Japanese IME.

You can turn off automatic capitalization on your keyboard, if the problem persists. You’re on mobile, right?

It’s not automatic capitalization because if it was that it would happen regularly rather than just a small number of times on the phone. I’ll try and notice next time exactly what’s going on. But at least it seems likely there is no problem with the wanikani. Thanks everyone for your replies. Thanks wanikani. My kid loves saying ‘wanikani!’.

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I get this when doing wanikani on my mobile. For some reason my device will always set the first kana in katakana, then switch to hiragana for the rest. I got in the habit of correcting it, but it’s easy to miss things like へ.

(though i don’t use my phone at all nowadays for this same reason)

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