Bravefoot’s Study Journal

Have you mastered katakana yet?




Took less than I thought it would… I’m just glad that’s now done and dusted… I don’t know why they scared me for such a long time… :rofl:


Forgot to note down here (as always :woman_facepalming:t2:), but here’s the latest developments:

  • Yay! I was able to read something in an anime! Go me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Started Genki 1 last week. Finished the first chapter + some of the exercises. I plan to do them all… no left-outs :triumph:
    But… It’s now exam season. I’ve already seen I have much less time for Japanese (and any free time available… Well, I’m usually too tired from studying to do even more… studying :sweat_smile:)

ANYHOW, future me, focus on the exams first! Do only your WK reviews for now!
… Genki can wait until January 25th :sweat_smile::sob::joy:

  • Started a bit of calligraphy to better ingrain kanji in my memory :blush:

EDIT: just noticed I failed to keep by the Timeframes I had decided in my Goals’ list :sweat_smile:
It’s now been 4 months, and I haven’t managed to reach Level 10 in that time (I am 3 levels behind).
At the current rate I’m going… That’s around 2 months behind?
~scratches head~ Hmmmm…


For what it’s worth, I think I’m something like ten months behind my 2020 WK level goal…


Oh :flushed:

Why do I feel like I’ll be in a similar situation as you in the future? :joy:


Little update:

Exam season is finally over for this term! Uzzah! For the next couple of months I can get back to grammar more seriously.


Been having this problem for quite some levels lately now. So I’ll be trying a new experiment:

Until now, I’ve been doing 10 lessons a day to keep it manageable (I’m so busy with other stuff every day :pensive:), but this causes me to spend 16-17 days on a level just to clear the huge backlog of lessons.

From now on I’ll try to do 15 lessons a day and see how it goes :blush:
Will be back here to note if it’s still fine or not :wave:t2:


It’s been going ok these past few weeks. I’ll be restarting grammar this weekend! Yay

Also, doing some kanji writing to help me cement them further in the brain… Well, that’s the theory at least :joy:


I just-… My first burns… ~squeal~

I can repose in peace now :relieved:


Just completed Level 10!

And with that, I am 1/6 of the way done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll spoil myself with a present later on for all the accomplishments and hard work :grin:

Time taken: 178 days
Average level-up: 17 days

Detailed information as follows for future reference —>

Level breakdown:
  • Levels 1 to 4: the hardest part was understanding and getting used to how WaniKani worked and when kun. or on. reading was needed :crazy_face: The kanji were pretty easy to get and remember.
    I was just getting into written Japanese so concepts like jukugo and rendaku were a bit confusing at first (…ok, let’s be honest, I was extremely confused for a long time in the beginning). But I stuck with it and persevered through :grin:

  • Levels 5 to 8: no idea what happened in these ones (could be because at that time it was exam season and my brain was already fried from all the revision and studying), but everything seemed to have become 10 times harder. Stuff didn’t seem to stick in my mind as much, my accuracy took a huge tumble down, and each level was taking waaay longer to be completed. I wouldn’t do new lessons some days because I would be too tired, or I would have too many items in Apprentice; but I never stopped doing reviews.
    I must admit those levels were a bit of a hit on my confidence and motivation, but… I’m glad I kept going. I think what saved me is that by then I had created a pretty ingrained routine of daily WaniKani use, so it would have felt felt very weird NOT doing any WaniKani at all.

  • Levels 9 and 10: things were looking up! Accuracy went up slightly and I could see myself remembering things better. Also, up until Level 8 I used to keep apprentice items to 50 at most, but I increased that up to a maximum of 70 to see if I could manage. It wasn’t too problematic, and I’ll keep that in the future!
    Furthermore, I used to do 10 lessons a day, but (because it would take me so long to clear each level) I increased that to 15 lessons a day to speed things up a bit. It’s still perfectly doable, so I’ll continue with these changes :grin:

  • Of course, I will continue WaniKani! I still plan to finish this to the end. I hope everything will go well in the future and I can achieve this :relaxed:

  • I will start getting seriously into grammar now. Before, I have dipped my toes in, but never bothered to jump fully in. In order to advance my Japanese knowledge, it’s essential I put some serious effort and time into grammar from now.

  • I might start some reading, but not sure. I’ll see how I feel about it a bit later on…

  • Currently don’t have any plans of training my listening in the foreseeable future, as I want to develop my reading (kanji/vocabulary/grammar) first, but obviously it’s something I will seriously pick up later on in my Japanese journey.

Looking forward to the next 10 levels :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


バッチリ Kouhai chan :ok_hand:




Thank youuu :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Just finished level 15!

Took an ungodly amount of time because it was exam season (yet again) and I stopped doing any new lessons for ~1 month because I was too exhausted from Uni work.

But now I’m back in the flow and I should progress much faster. I’m planning to speed up so I can complete as many levels as possible this summer, before the new University year begins :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also, started grammar studying and I’m around 50-60% done with N5 grammar points.
I started with Genki back in late March, but by chapter 3 it kind of wasn’t working for me…
Now I’m using Kanshudo for grammar and I like it way more.
It won’t be as in-depth as the textbook, but I’ll probably return to complete Genki after doing all the grammar points in Kanshudo :grin:



shouts angrily

Hope you’re doing well!


Forgive me :sob::sob::sob:
There wasn’t anything too important to report, that’s why :joy: But from now on I’ll just post something random here at least once a week just to appear like I’m working veeeeryyyy hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I’m fantastic now that the summer holidays have started!

What about you? I haven’t seen you around in some time! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Finished level 16!

Still getting on with grammar! I’m starting to understand more and more sentences, albeit still very short and simple ones. Long and complicated sentences still scare me, and automatically make me go, “Nah, no way I’m even gonna try to understand that” :sleepy::joy:



Congrats on the level-up! I also leveled up to 23 today. Are you in any race-to-the-cake threads?


Clearly I’m not very good at keeping to my word, aren’t I :joy::joy::joy:

Clearly then…

I don’t think I would be too good in one of those :eyes::laughing:

Yay! Congratulations to you as well! We match :hugs:


Came just in time for the weekly update :eyes:

Well, nothing of too much importance happened. Still getting on with WaniKani and grammar (I’m doing 5 grammar points every other day) (I’ve done 50 points out of 138).

I also returned on HelloTalk after a long time to have more ‘day-to-day life’ reading practice.

So yeah, that’s it for this week :rofl:


Back for the weekly update! (And only 1 day late! Pretty proud of that, I’d say!)

Grammar is… It’s not getting harder, just… More confusing, I guess? Many of the points are easily getting jumbled in my head… Most of the time I’m like, “Does this require a の or a が?”, “Does this use てーform or た—?”, “Wait, was it それ or…???”

~scratches head~ I… I should do some good, ol’ brute-force memorisation of these one of these days…