Bravefoot’s Study Journal

Got my first set of vocabulary lessons, and… Nothing really stuck :rofl::rofl: Up until then, I was doing pretty good with just single kanji, and I thought everything was going amazingly well…

In retrospect, I had just woken up when I did those lessons, and my brain was still half-asleep, so that might have contributed to the problem… :skull:

Note to future self: DO NOT do lessons first thing when you wake up!!


Passed onto Level 2 :tada:

…Then saw I had 46 new lessons straightaway :skull:


It gets worse… but you don’t have to do them all immediately. You may want to set a target Apprentice count and not do lessons while it’s above that number…


Yes, I only did some, and left the rest to do them over the course of the day :blush:


Cool. Just remember that you can spread it out over several days without even breaking speed - remember only the radicals are needed to unlock the second half kanji. You can spread out the vocab lessons (as long as you actually do them, of course)

Of course, at level 2, you should be fine doing it all in one day, but this is more for the future when you have a higher amount of reviews and lessons. :wink: