Bravefoot’s Study Journal

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet (compared to my embarrassingly-long and emotional introduction).

I’m very motivated to use this site to its end and learn Japanese, BUT, I’ve been very motivated at trying/learning new things in the past, and would quickly lose interest after some days… Therefore:

I, Bravefoot, solemnly give permission to anyone and everyone to shout angrily at me until I become deaf of hearing, so that I return to working on my Japanese, on the happestance that I stopped learning, or that I have stopped updating my log. This I do swear.


• MY ULTIMATE GOAL • [Timeframe: n/a]
Become fluent (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in Japanese.

• GOAL 4 • [Timeframe: n/a]
Tackle grammar

  • N1 Grammar
  • N2 Grammar
  • N3 Grammar
  • N4 Grammar [Started: 23/08/2021]
  • N5 Grammar [Completed: 17/08/2021]

^ Started June 2021 ^


• GOAL 3 • [Timeframe: ~2 years]
Complete WaniKani.

  • Reach level 60: [Timeframe: ~2 years]

  • Reach level 50: [Timeframe: 1Y8M]

  • Reach level 40: [Timeframe: 1Y4M]

  • Reach level 30: [Timeframe: ~1 year]

  • Reach level 20: [Timeframe: 8 months]

  • Reach level 10: [Timeframe: 4 months] Completed 08/03/2021 (nearly 6 months)

^ Started: 12/09/2020 ^
• GOAL 2 • [Timeframe: ~1 month]
Learn katakana

Started 13/09/2020
Update 16/09/2020: 30% done
Update 21/12/2020: all done :joy:
• GOAL 1 • Completed!
Learn hiragana.



Shout at you if you forget tomorrow or if you haven’t posted for 3 days straight?

P.S. If you remove the space before the second ** it should bold like you wanted.


The 3-day thing.

I’ll give myself some leeway… God knows if I’ll actually achieve the ‘come here everyday’ thing :crazy_face::joy:

P.S.: oh, thanks! Damn, I was trying so many edits :skull::woman_facepalming:t2:


That should be split up:
When do you want to complete Level 10, 20, etc.?

It might be better if you split it so you can try to stay on track… and it’s more fun to be like: “I reached this milestone!”

Just remember that the first two levels are faster (and 42+ is its own story)

P.S. WK on motivation alone won’t work - it needs to be a habit: do all your reviews every day, and do lessons when you’re comfortable adding more items and only for as long as you are.


Ah yes, sounds good!

(Although, I wouldn’t know how long it would take to finish those sets of levels. I’ll just add the goals amd update them as I finish them along :smiley:)


Splitting it evenly to start and then adjusting as you go might help…

Based on your goal, you want to be at Level 30 (halfway) in ~1 year to finish in ~2 years!

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Of course! I should have thought of those basic mathematical divisions :woman_facepalming:t2::rofl:

Thanks for all this help, you’ve been so nice and chatty with me! This community feels fantastic already (^ω^)


Don’t forget to edit your post. I need to do my reviews now…

Pro tip: Set a profile picture… (check the forum settings - they’re quite useful: you can even feature your study log!)

If you turn out to be a cat, you can join The Cat Club!


You should think of doing readings of people’s futures professionally because, yes, my profile picture will most probably be a cat :cat:

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I lurks. :smiley:
We share similar goals, so I’ll be following your progress and cheering you on!


Hello welcome. I would recommend learning grammar at the same time you do Wanikani. Doing Wanikani by itself without any other outside study is a good way to forget things you learn in Wanikani. Not only will you be able to practice the things you learn, but you will stay more motivated as you will be able to immerse yourself in native content a lot sooner than you would think.


It’s the Crabigator (like alligator).

Good studying!


Oh oh oh, just so you’re forewarned (if you plan on just editing that one top post for the next two years) - Discourse has a maximum character count for posts, so you might run out, haha. We usually recommend using the top for a summery and putting any texty updates in the comments :slight_smile:


Thank youu :hugs:


That makes sense! I wasn’t planning to leave it until Level 60 or anything, but I’m also not sure when to start…

Any suggestions at what level it’s best to start grammar??

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And thanks! :grin:


What a shame… Oh well, I’ll continue the updates in one of my comments :joy:


I’d say mark the main comment as solution, so you can go to it easily from the top.


It’ll also be easier for us to watch your thread if that’s what you’re going for, since we don’t get notified if you edit, but we can when you make new posts!


It’s never too early to start. You might not know what the kanji are yet, but that doesn’t mean you should wait!