I started this crazy WaniKani journey 121 days ago. I have 121 days of nonstop kanji learning completed. I have done reviews every single day and I do lessons regularly. Generally, when I start a level, I immediately get the radicals completed to start the SRS meter for them. I will ignore new kanji and focus on the previous level’s vocabulary. I will do the vocab in 15-30 block increments - whatever will keep me at just over or at 100 Apprentice items.

My goal when I started was Level 15 by end of 2020. Final goal is Level 60 by end of 2021 and I will burn everything after I hit 60 before “moving on.”

I hit that goal TODAY, with 7 weeks to spare!

I currently have 48 Apprentice items. I am debating on taking a few days to bring that number down to 10 or less before moving to learn the newest kanji. The other part of me, at 8 days average per level, wants to just keep hammering on and see if I can’t be done by September 2021 instead of my December 2021 target… Working on the radicals now, just in case I decide to hammer on!

I wanted to take the time to thank the amazing folks here who have:

  1. given me motivation
  2. given me advice
  3. made me laugh
  4. taught me new things

Many of you have done some or all of the above without even knowing it. In all seriousness and sincerity, you are all amazing and THANK YOU for your help keeping me on this track!

Here’s looking to another 45 levels!



Hey, I just made it to 15 today! Congrats. Let’s do this!


Congratulations!! You’re a quarter way there already o_o

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We can do it because we can do it! :smiley:

Congrats to you as well!

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