Bookwalker site issue question

I bought an ebook today on Bookwalker. I can open it on my laptop but when I login to the site or go into the app on my Ipad it’s not showing that I have purchased any books. Even when I share the link to myself it doesn’t show up at all.

I turned on sync but it didn’t seem to do anything

Any ideas what’s going on?

How long between when you bought it and tried to check on your ipad?

Some aspects of the site tend to take time to update, and it seems like new users may especially run afoul of it. (maybe when newly registered there’s particularly long delay on that stuff to avoid some kind of exploit? Just speculation though)

That said - for me I’ve only ever seen inconsequential things like my shopping cart after a purchase or points take a while to update. Usually I see the item show up in my library immediately and although I don’t rush over to check on my separate device, I haven’t had problems with differences between the two.

A couple places to check:
You should see an Order confirmation show up in your messages (this usually takes… maybe 15 minutes to show up tops?)

You should see the item in your library:
“Menu” in top right → :books: 購入済み
I generally see the library update immediately, and it’s how I access stuff I’ve bought in general.

Doublecheck that you’re definitely logged in on your ipad and check if you can see your order confirmation and book in those places.

If they aren’t there, try waiting - if sick of waiting and it still doesn’t show up… I’m not sure.

Hmm yeah it’s been over an hour now. Logged into the browser and app and still nothing. Seems conpletely absurd lol. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Can’t say I’ll ever recommend this site to anyone

What happens if you mark something checked on your laptop? Or ‘purchase’ something free, like any of these:

To test, I marked something checked on my computer browser, and then immediately it was checked when I looked at my checklist on the browser on my tablet.

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Where is it that you don’t see the book? At the bottom there is a button called „List“ that shows you your purchases, and then you can select which ones to download and which bookshelves to put them in.


On the app‘s main menu:

Choose which ones to download:

Press Edit (in the top right corner), then choose whose books‘ bookshelf you want to change:

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Are you definitely logged into the same account on both devices? I thought I had this issue before but it turned out that I’d made two accounts. I am very technologically incompetent through so maybe not something that others would be doing haha!