Trouble with reading books on Amazon Kindle

Hi everyone.
I have bought a book and 1 volume of a manga on the japanese amazon site. I would like to read them on the Kindle Ebook that i have, but its not showing up at all. More specifically, my ebook is not showing up on the “manage your content and devices” page. Because of that, i can not send them to the Kindle. I am logged in with the same account on the Kindle itself, yet nothing happens.
If you know how to get around this issue, please let me know.
(sorry if this isnt the right place to ask, i just dont know where else i could post this question)

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And if you go to your order history the purchases are there?

I believe the issue is you need to make sure you are signing in to your Japanese kindle account (not whatever your home country is).

If you google it you will find articles on it.

yes, they are

i mean thats the thing though, i followed that guide and i’ve done what the tutorial says…

Sorry for the stupid question, but is it possible that what you bought is not digital but physical media? I can’t think of another reason they would show up in your Order History but not your Manage Your Content page.

no i definitely bought the digital version. and the content itself does show up in the content page, its just that i cant seem to be able to transfer it to the kindle

Ah, I see, it’s your device that isn’t showing up in the Manage Your Devices page, not the books themselves. Even though you logged into the correct account from your device. And going into the Archive or whatever it’s called on your device shows nothing?
I’m not sure, but is it possible the device itself is older and therefore not compatible? I have the vague impression that not all Kindles support Japanese, but this would only apply to older devices, if it’s even correct.

some extra pictures
I mean maybe, but this should be a 10th gen Paperwhite Kindle and doing a quick search tells me its from 2019 so…

I’m out of ideas, sorry. 2019 should be recent enough, I would think. :person_shrugging:

well i suppose its alright now, i found a way to get the files from the books and manually import them to the kindle and it works perfectly now(from this video)–> How to Use a Kindle to Learn Japanese - YouTube. bit of a hassle that i have to do it like this, but it finally works

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You shouldn’t need to do that. I have the 2019 Paperwhite and I can download past purchases directly on the device.

I suspect you’re not logged into your Amazon Japan account on the device. If you have another Amazon account (e.g. with the same email address (and maybe password matters too, not sure) it’s probably logging into that account instead of your Amazon Japan account.

Sharing my experience in case someone is interested because I found a couple solutions that are quite comfortable for me to read native contents and watching stuff in original language.

Kindle: i bought a kindle oasis, created a new account with a fake japanese address somewhere in sapporo, connected paypal or my credit card, can’t remember because one of the two wasn’t accepted. Linked that account to the kindle and bought some manga. Nota bene: after 6 purchases (I believe) if you are not physically in Japan it will block you from buying more. Solved this by connecting to a VPN (ExpressVPN offers 8 days of free trial).

Apple books: my favorite solution, because if your account has its location set in Japan you can basically buy everything you could on Kindle and more, but read it on an app that in my opinion is way better designed for reading than the kindle itself or kindle app. Let’s not even mention using kindle app from phone - but on ipad is somewhat decent in my experience).
My solution - since japanese account won’t accept your european/american credit card and won’t even let you use paypal, is buying itunes ¥ cards and use it to recharge your account. Easier than what it looks like.

About watching stuff with japanese dubs/subs. ExpressVPN (or your favorite one) - netflix - enjoy. I noticed that Japanese netflix has everything I’m interested in and that’s awesome because I don’t need to pay for myltiple subscriptions. I may delete my crunchyroll and subscribe to hulu and have the perfect mix. (Btw in case you don’t know, crunchyroll doesn’t work in japan)

That shouldnt be the case though, the only account I’m using is the japanese amazon account i made. I’m logged in on the Kindle with that exact account. And no, i haven’t used that email before for another amazon account. I really dont get it.

That’s so strange then… never heard of this happening before. :cry:

Ok, nevermind. Turns out that I have used this same email for an amazon account before. I found an old email from 4 years ago from amazon, my bad.
And suprise suprise, the Kindle shows up in the my devices tab, so that problem is solved. Just need to find a way to get it to link correctly to my JP account now.


Easiest way is probably to just use a different email address. If you use gmail and don’t want to make a completely new account, you might be able to use the + trick. i.e. will still send emails to


alright awesome, it completely works as it should now, i can easily send the books to my Kindle now.
If only i had known that i had used that same email adress years ago haha.
Thank you for your replies!

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