Discrepancies in levels and progress?

I have been doing this program for a little while but some things are not adding up. Recently I had most of the level 9 kanji pop up as being progressed to guru but I could swear that they were already guru which allowed me to level up. It is possible I did just get them all wrong and knocked them down to apprentice but I find it hard to believe. I was also checking my progress and found the kanji 又 is level 51. I just leveled into level 11. How have I burned a kanji in level 51? I think I might just be misunderstanding how the system works so I would appreciate some clarification.

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There are two guru levels in the lifecycle of an item, like there are 4 apprentice levels. You probably just bumped the items from guru 1 to guru 2.

As for 又, it was recently changed, as part of the continuous updates that the Wanikani team are doing. If you already unlocked it, and burned it, the change doesn’t affect you. If you still had active reviews incoming for it, those would’ve been paused until you reached level 51.


OP you may wanna check out this post for how the WK SRS works, as it also gives you a better sense of time scale.

But, essentially, it’s like @jneapan says: Apprentice 4 levels, Guru 2 levels, Master 1, Enlightened 1 → chance at burning item.

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