Best tool to review early levels WITHOUT resetting?

There is a specific Burn Review add-on, though I don’t think it will make much of a difference (not because its ineffective, in fact I think what you’ve already got going will probably be good, but because I just don’t know what it does that the add-on you already have doesn’t already do).

I spent years going through and restarting N5 and N4 vocab lists on memrise. Usually I just brute-forced my way through hundreds of reviews on the daily while using other N5/N4 study/reading material to reinforce them. Once those had a very high recall rate I would try to move on to an N3 list, but that one was always the biggest struggle. My real breakthrough both for vocab and Japanese in general was with Tobira. I think the most important take away is to keep grinding away, and slowly let your study method develop. Those early levels simply will not be finalized in your brain with SRS, they will be finalized once you start reading a whole ton, which can take a seemingly discouraging long time to reach, but you’ll get there.

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