Best dictionnary for full offline study

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I am soon starting a new job for 1 year and i doubt i will have any kind of connectivity over there (not even cellular), so i was wondering what ressources you would suggest me to get as for as vocabulary goes. If you have other ideas to help me study offline i would love to hear them! cheers and thank you <3

I use Sumatora on the Fdroid store. It might be available elsewhere but I always have it on my phone at the read for looking up words.

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For digital, offline dictionaries I use a combination of Takoboto and Akebi on Android.

Takoboto for most lookups and to save words to lists (it can also export to AnkiDroid on your phone if you use Anki – I’m pretty sure the export process can be done offline, but I haven’t used AnkiDroid in a while so I might be mistaken).

Akebi for looking up words without furigana where I need to draw or use wildcards for 1 or more of the kanji.

Also, not a dictionary, but I like Obenkyo for practicing writing kanji. I select a group of kanji (usually not more than 30-40 at a time) that I’m working on remembering how to write, and use the “Quiz” drawing mode to test myself on them. I’ve fallen really behind in writing practice (since everyone types these days and it’s not something WaniKani tests), but I’ve noticed that practicing writing and remembering how to write a kanji does help me remember it a lot better, so it’s one of my goals for this year.

Also, for non-digital resources, I’d recommend:

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Loved the links you placed here. Will definitely be keeping them for future references since these really made me interested.

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