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Today I’ll get rid of my Windows Phone and finally enter the world of Android Apps with my new Sony phone. I’m now looking for recommendations for good learning apps, dictionaries, best WaniKani app etc. I’m between N3 and N2, so I don’t need the basic stuff :slight_smile:

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ankidroid is good is you are an anki user, as is the (unofficial)wanikani app. You can also get a NHK app which can download articles for offline reading and Jsho (which is basically jisho) is a really nice dictionary because there is an option to send a word to ankidroid. That’s what I use atm and it get’s the job done :smiley:
Edit: I also use the JapanesePod app which you can get if you are subbed.

Thanks! I already got my eyes on the JapanesePod101 app as well as the iKnow app. Jsho in combination with ankidroid sounds really good, will definitely try this!

I also recommend the app “Akebi Japanese Dictionary” ( It awesome for looking up Kanji on your phone. You can draw the Kanji or just type in the english word, the hiragana, katakana oder romaji for a word. Yes and the WaniKani app ( :slight_smile: And if you use Memrise (, they got an app too.

I use Kanji Study to practice writing on my phone (with a stylus, of course)


Aedict 3 is well worth its modest price. Developer is very responsive, actively adds features and most importantly frequently updates the underlying dictionary file. The only thing I don’t care as much for is the UI (user interface).

Almost everyone short of very expensive copyrighted dictionaries and applications uses Jim Breen’s public domain dictionary. Japanese students owe him a huge debt!

Aedict3 Google Play Link

And for those with an interest here is Jim Breen’s page - WWWJDIC.

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iKnow was great on the phone when I was using it (for the 3 month trial).

I like JED for my dictionary app - it’s fully offline, has search by radicals, and shows you stroke order for kanji if you want that.
AnkiDroid is pretty solid too, if you like Anki/download some of the cool decks made by hinekidori.
There’s also some Kanji “game” I was recommended I can’t recall the name of now, but if you’re approaching N2 the vocabulary is probably beneath you anyway.

I prefer the older WaniKani app (just called Wanikani Mobile) to the other one, personally. It has some built-in scripts to it, but you can switch most of them on or off in the settings (a few I tried turning off but they still exist anyway… but the app is no longer supported, so whatever.)

Any recommendations for N3 or between N4 and N3 level apps would be nice for me.

I use Tsukiji from time to time, but it only quizzes you on Kanji of your choice or choices of N-level(s), not vocabulary. I’ll practice finger writing and reading kana quizzes with another app. Tae Kim app. Memrise app. HiNative app…

But I’d really like an app that teaches or quizzes on N4 and N3 vocabulary specifically, not just kanji, since I learn that through WK and sometimes Memrise, anyway. Also recommended grammar apps would be nice?


I like using this one for JLPT vocab:
You can select which levels you want to be tested on, and it tests words you get correctly less often than words you get wrong. It’s a really simple app, but I love using it during train rides.

Another one would be this one:
It has JLPT kanji and vocab (separately tested), numbers, kana, and I think they’ve added grammar and particles too.


If you have sound files, I really recommend Audipo. I can do infinite 1 track loop, with 0.8x or 1.2x speed. Also, the seek bar is very very long, plus I can add a marker to the seek bar.

For offline dictionary, I currently use Takoboto. I feel that this is one of the best one in Play Store. (I have tried many.)

I practically use AnkiDroid for everything, JLPT vocabularies and Kanji drawing​ too.

Thanks. I installed them. :slight_smile: I’ll try 'em out and see how I like 'em. :heart:

Memrise app (I prefer the desktop version however), Podcast Addict (Good podcast app also you can play youtube video audio only with it unlike the official Youtube app) and Kotoba (great for quick vocabulary flash carding for JLPT practice, nothing fancy) are the only apps that I’ve used for Japanese.

For Chinese I’m using an app called Skritter, it’s pretty neat. They do offer Japanese as well. If you want to practice writing hanzi or kanji it’s a great app. Since I’m practicing for the HSK exams, I need to be able to write the characters by hand so the app has been great help with that. Only downside is that it has a subscription model.

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You’re welcome! Hope you’ll like them :smiley: The Google Play Store is full of JLPT apps though, so I’m sure you’ll find something if those two aren’t to your liking :slight_smile: