Frustrated with japanese

My journey to learning japanese vocabularies has been a struggle for me ,the past year I realized it’s very daunting but ever since I found WaniKani I have been given so much hope to continue and reach my goal in learning the language. so thank you WaniKani I love youuuuuuu!!!:two_hearts:


Is this the new clickbait type? :joy:

Congrats on joining WaniKani; hope your studies go well.

Try to be a part of the community, you learn a lot that way. :slight_smile:


I’d advise that instead of relying on Wanikani for vocabulary, you will learn much faster and retain much more if you read materials you’re interested in and slot the unknown vocab into an SRS system like or Anki. This is both because you’ll have more motivation to learn and understand the material, and because you’ll learn the words in context.

Moreover, reading even the first three chapters of the Genki I textbook gives you more practical vocabulary than Wanikani (at lvl 7 at least), which should tell you how poor of a resource WK is if you want vocab.

Also, reading even one ~15 page story from Beatrix Potter (children’s author) in Japanese will give you 200+ new vocab. Not even kidding.

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I’m always frustrated

By the way welcome to Wanikani and the forums


Is it necessary to pay for the Genki textbooks or can you access them for free (legally of course)?

Genki is not free. So unless you can borrow them from someone you know or from a library, yes, you have to pay for them.

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That’s what I thought, but just checking. Hopefully my uni language library has them!


As a heads up, there’s workbooks that go with them. Those are relatively cheap. Thought you should know since they’re pretty good practice.


thank you for the tips. I’m currently on Genki 2 (Chapter 14) but still I need a lot of practice with conversations cause I always get frozen in conversations and cant finish a conversation without stopping to think and checking the dictionary on my phone.

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As in, you go through them simultaneously, and write in the workbook as you read the textbook, or they’re done separately but it’s the same content?
Thanks for the tips!

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I think this tends to be the hardest part of learning any new language, regardless of how much vocabulary you have memorized. At least, that’s been my experience as well :slight_smile:

If I may, you might consider getting involved in the Japanese beginner threads to get practice using your vocab and grammar. It doesn’t beat practicing speaking with an actual person, but it is a low pressure way to get practice expressing your own ideas in Japanese. Also, マミさん gives great feedback (including correcting all of my dumb grammar mistakes…)


The workbooks are worksheets that have to do with the grammar points that you learn in each chapter. It also has a kana/kanji practice section where it teaches you how to write the kana/kanji. You could go through the textbooks without using the workbooks, but I feel like the workbook helps reinforce the grammar points.


Consider taking lessons on – they are usually affordable and if you have a good teacher you can get a lot out of it, especially regarding conversation skills.


Good luck in learning :slight_smile:

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