Being confused by 音 plz help

Hello! I discovered something confusing (to me at least) and thought perhaps any of you might have seen this before and could explain it…

The example sentence: めっちゃ方向音ちなんですよ
Translation: I’m super terrible with directions!

…what I don’t understand at all is what 音 ,meaning sound, has to do in there and how to read it…??? I even looked up the kanji in my dictionary but couldn’t find any explanations or example sentences where it’s being used in a similar way. I would greatly appreciate some help in clearing this up :pray:


Screenshot hidden behind details section.


The ち belongs with the word, and this is what my dictionary gives me for the word, if that helps?


音痴 itself seems to have a meaning of ‘being hopeless at something’. How that culturally derived I’m afraid I can’t tell you. :slight_smile:


Well, it means “tone deaf” originally. The “being bad at something” aspect of tone deafness got carried over to other things as well.


Ohhh okay I see, thank you so much for your reply! :blush:

oh so that’s how it is. I was so confused when the kanji for sound suddenly took on the mening of being terrible at something, but your reply definitely makes sense. Thanks!

So it was as easy as that? Thanks. :smiley:


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