Crit panic!

Felt like the last couple of days I had a huge ciritcal condition list, and was suddenly drowning in wrong answers.

Turns out it’s shorter than it’s been in ages.

So if you feel the same, hang in there! It gets better


Also, as someone once said, “sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something”, and as someone else once said “if you stop when you suck, you’ll suck forever” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Japanese is no different. You have 100 items in apprentice and failed them all today? Maybe you’ll fail 90 tomorrow. Only 80 the day after. And a week from now you might be blazing through all of them. I’ve definitely had items like that, which I just kept failing again and again until it clicked and I never got them wrong again.

Getting an answer wrong is not a failure. It’s a natural first step to knowing what the word means. You just have to stick with it.


Thank you, Yamitenshi, that’s really sweet of you! Learning is difficult, but hearing it’s not just okay, but normal to have sucky areas of study is a real relief.

It’s true, there are kanji I struggled with so much in the past, but now are my best ones.

Thank you <3

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