I'm having trouble remembering 不可分 and 不可欠!

They’re from level 18 and 20, and yet they still escape me. I know that one means “indivisible” and one means “essential,” but I’m level 51 and I still can’t get them to stick.


Hmm, is it more of a problem of not knowing the meanings at all, or mixing them up? I think about these two very literally.

不 = not
可 = possible
分 = part
欠 = lack

So if I’m stumped I try to read it as “not possible to [be broken into] parts”, aka “indivisible”, and “not possible to lack”, aka “indispensable.”


Oh! That’s a good way of thinking about it. I do know the kanji meanings, but I think, after so long of getting them mixed up, I probably get nervous when they come up, and don’t take time to properly consider them anymore!

Thanks, level cohort! <3


No problem! And I know what you mean - sometimes I see a leech come up and I feel frazzled just knowing I’ve had issues with it in the past, so I mess up that way. I’m still trying to do a better job of taking my time when reviewing those ones.

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