What can I read?

Seeing words used in context would be really helpful at this stage. Where can I find level appropriate reading texts that will use the kanji and vocab from wanikani? Everything I’ve found on my own is too easy or too hard.

Finding something that exactly corresponds to your Wanikani level is difficult, though Joyo Grade 1 readers are probably the closest thing. Simple manga such as Yotsubato! are usually a good start.

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When I was first trying to read things, I started with:

  • NHK Easy News (free, can also read it on an app called TangoRisto which has additional cool features; also a translation subreddit for it where you can check your understanding with others’)

and then

  • Satori Reader (subscription-based, but the first couple of articles in each series are free to read; can also sync your WK API with the site for additional niftiness)

You can also check out the Absolute Beginner Book Club here on the forums which will be starting a manga soon (Shirokuma Cafe :panda_face: and then Chi’s Sweet Home :cat:), as well as the Yotsubato! reading club, all great for beginners (make sure to get some grammar under your belt too if you haven’t already!)

Also, as far as resources go, here’s an excellent and comprehensive thread about it that may help point you in the right direction:

Happy reading! :crabigator::books:


Could you give an example of whats too easy or too hard?

You could try
Satori Reader (it can sync with your WK level)
Graded Readers (App or physical books)

If those are too easy then consider reading along with one of the bookclubs on WK.


These are good to start with but not sure if it’d be too easy for you:


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