Been away for a year, trying to get back in

I definitely feel where you’re coming from! I took a year off of WK and came back, and spent a lot of time watching anime and movies and reading manga in that year and it really felt like it was a year well-spent on leveling up my Japanese consumption in general and then I decided to come back to WK for the kanji, because… I’m still really bad a remembering kanji.

Personally, I didn’t reset, just slowly worked through my pile of old reviews using the “wrap up” button and @Kumirei’s Wanikani: Review Queue Sizer and @sonarius’s SRS Reorder Button scripts to try to take them in chunks and prioritize ones closest to burn first to knock the total down a bit, but I probably should have.

Either way, once you get back in the rhythm, how to make it manageable so you can stick with it comes down to managing what makes you lose motivation in the first place.

I’m a huge procrastinator, and bad at building “habits” (can’t even manage to brush my teeth at the same time every day, never mind doing WaniKani reviews at predictable hours). Also, I get bored easily, so too many reviews at once and I start getting some wrong just because I start getting annoyed at how long the review session is taking and rush to try to finish quicker. Those 2 things together mean that for me, managing WK comes down to:

  1. Trying to do at least 1 WK review session a day, but if I start feeling burnt out, skip a day and don’t feel guilty about it!
  2. Stopping new lessons when I start getting too many reviews coming, and using WaniKani Lesson Filter to alternate kanji and vocab lesson to help drill in the kanji better
  3. Managing my “review forecast” so that for the next day I don’t have any more reviews than I feel I can handle (and my bar is really low, since I’m taking it slow and like I said I hate long review sessions: I shoot for 30 reviews in the morning and 30 at night)

The main thing probably comes down to determining what actually makes you lose motivation and how to prevent that, or at least mitigate it (even if the answer is “vacation mode for a week every 3 months” or something).

Also, some other useful script goodies:

I think those all still work (they work for me). :sweat_smile: