Basic question regarding Japanese keyboard and typing romaji double N's

This is a basic question, but when I type ん on the keyboard, it obviously won’t auto-complete the character. However, if I type “nn”, it should at least turn into "んn”. I find myself missing words because I type the characters but don’t realize the editor dropped one of the n’s. おんな turns to おんあ, etc. Is there a better way to type those out or do people just deal with that?


Just learn to type ん as “nn”. Practically all IMEs do it that way. おんな just becomes onnna, only one keystroke more.


This. I do this automatically to the point I sometimes misspell english words because of it.

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Alright, thanks. I didn’t know if that was something I was missing.

This is standard. Because if it didn’t do this, you couldn’t type words like 任意 (にんい)

You’d get にに

I pushed 今夜 back to Apprentice many times because of that…



Also, just a point, but this topic has come up many times before. I commented on the same thing literally years ago. Always best to search for stuff like this first. :slight_smile:

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