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I’m a little reluctant to subscribe to the whole CC0 thing since I lack the experience to know what the repercussions of releasing my data would be.

I don’t plan on vanishing because I use the website as my primary learning method.
However, if I were forced to pack up (DMCA or something, since the website is legally grey), I’d release several posts detailing the data collection methods as well as all the resources used in the final project and all the resources I didn’t use and why I didn’t use them. I’d also detail the methodology used to assemble the definitions and readings from vocabulary lists so that people could do it themselves.

I started the project with 0 programming experience and it was a huge pain in the ass to research everything, so if I were forced to abandon ship, there’s no way I wouldn’t leave my findings behind.

Anyway, I don’t know if that’s a satisfactory answer for you but that’s my stance at the moment.


Small bug I noticed. When you do the search that is supposed to show the first volumes for the series " Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru" it shows volume 10. I’m not sure if that’s because Volume 1 doesn’t have a number attached, but I discovered that the other day.

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@Raionus, what about the idea of adding some JLPT deck under “other” category to be able to quickly trash common words ?

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Yeah, this weekend.


Should be up now. I used http://tanos.co.uk which is the same resource Jisho uses. Will post a small update later. Hopefully it doesn’t destabilize anything.


Update 4/12 - SRS and general update


  • Added 5 JLPT vocabulary lists + kanji (based on said lists)


  • New shortcut ‘3’ will disable the current question type for that particular vocab word from now on
    • Equivalent to adding a “;” as the first character in the question box (which disables that Q type)
    • This is if, like, readings are super easy for certain words and you don’t want to waste time
  • Hotkeys shown when rolling over row
  • Warning when you enter the same wrong answer that you inputted last time you got it wrong (this is improved from the first implementation I did way back when)
  • Toggleable parts of speech (click the PoS tags to open modal)
  • Progress update appears every 5 questions instead of at a random % chance


  • Fixed the parts of speech being off center

Vocabulary Tables (beta version)

  • Bug fixes
  • Added a help section
  • Built a system to handle private books (so I can handle custom book orders or something, idk the infrastructure is there now though).

Yeah, kind of a silent couple of weeks. I haven’t actually changed that much but I’ve been researching a lot of features I want to implement as well as stuff about Japanese in general.

Ideas I’ve been thinking of:

  • Custom ordering of books (to deal with stuff with little mainstream appeal)
  • Some kind of system to suggest why you made definition/reading mistakes (something kind of like niai but for suggesting words you might have confused stuff for)
  • Systems to help users figure out what kanji readings are worth learning and what aren’t (and maybe auto ordering readings based on that)
  • etc.

I’m interested in writing a few articles about reading in Japanese, things that would be useful for intermediate to upper-intermediate students who haven’t grasped some of the nuances of the language. Stuff like stative vs. non-stative verbs and how that affects how to interpret usages of the plain/ます form of verbs. How the copula works. How to juggle particles when used in complex sentences (with relatives clauses, etc.).

Anyway, that kind of stuff.


Thanks !
But bloody hell I already found a word on the N5 word where I genuinely didn’t know the kanji :cry: (飴 = あめ)

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I found a word I didn’t know too! 字引. Haha whoops.

Also @Raionus what exactly does the ignore button do? I thought it temporarily takes the word out of whatever list and I as using it for the JLPT words I was shaky on/didn’t know so I just go down the list trashing/ignoring and getting it smaller and smaller. But now refreshing the list doesn’t bring back the ignored words it’s just a blank column…

Sorry buddy but we’re gonna have to revoke your license now. Back to Japanese I with you.

Trashes it for a month :wink:


Ah gotcha. No biggie then. Thanks!

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Oooh, exciting stuff! I like reading articles :eyes:


Cool it might get one view then :eyes:


@Raionus woke up to 4 reviews which is quite weird since I usually wake up to 100+ at around this time. Was there some problem again or is that a coincidence?

Should be a coincidence. I haven’t written anything that could affect SRS timings since the last incident. Check the schedule part of the lessons page tho.

Yeah, I have plenty of reviews coming up so I guess its just a weird coincidence

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WK Level set to 25, but 暖かい shows up. Is that because of the alternate reading?

Probably because the data is from a year ago. They only make really surface changes so I haven’t updated in a while.


So somehow the “warning” that prevents me to enter the same mistake twice got activated again, and I can’t find a way to turn it off anymore.
I looked both at the review settings (during review) and the one from my account.

Why would you want it off?

Because if I enter a wrong answer, I should be marked wrong.
It doesn’t really matter if I made that error some time in the past.
I mean, when it happens I just mash the keyboard to get past it anyway, but it’s slightly annoying.
I guess I also don’t understand the logic behind it. I.e., why would you want it on?