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Update 4/12 - SRS and general update


  • Added 5 JLPT vocabulary lists + kanji (based on said lists)


  • New shortcut ‘3’ will disable the current question type for that particular vocab word from now on
    • Equivalent to adding a “;” as the first character in the question box (which disables that Q type)
    • This is if, like, readings are super easy for certain words and you don’t want to waste time
  • Hotkeys shown when rolling over row
  • Warning when you enter the same wrong answer that you inputted last time you got it wrong (this is improved from the first implementation I did way back when)
  • Toggleable parts of speech (click the PoS tags to open modal)
  • Progress update appears every 5 questions instead of at a random % chance


  • Fixed the parts of speech being off center

Vocabulary Tables (beta version)

  • Bug fixes
  • Added a help section
  • Built a system to handle private books (so I can handle custom book orders or something, idk the infrastructure is there now though).

Yeah, kind of a silent couple of weeks. I haven’t actually changed that much but I’ve been researching a lot of features I want to implement as well as stuff about Japanese in general.

Ideas I’ve been thinking of:

  • Custom ordering of books (to deal with stuff with little mainstream appeal)
  • Some kind of system to suggest why you made definition/reading mistakes (something kind of like niai but for suggesting words you might have confused stuff for)
  • Systems to help users figure out what kanji readings are worth learning and what aren’t (and maybe auto ordering readings based on that)
  • etc.

I’m interested in writing a few articles about reading in Japanese, things that would be useful for intermediate to upper-intermediate students who haven’t grasped some of the nuances of the language. Stuff like stative vs. non-stative verbs and how that affects how to interpret usages of the plain/ます form of verbs. How the copula works. How to juggle particles when used in complex sentences (with relatives clauses, etc.).

Anyway, that kind of stuff.