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I was a big believer in the WaniKani method a few years ago. Being in school full-time however got in the way of this - I didn’t have the time to keep the consistency of reviews to keep everything in my head.

However now (I’m in the UK), schools have closed and I don’t have anything to do until October - perfect opportunity to get back to learning Japanese! I realised how rusty I am - I used to be at level 8, but had a look through the level 1 words that I’d burned and I couldn’t recall a lot of them, at least to the fluency that I’d hope. I’ve reset everything now and I’m going back through the level 1 radicals - what a throwback!

Last year I also went to Japan on vacation, which is a big motivation boost - makes me realise what I’m doing this for. Videos like this are very cool to look through are great as they make me feel like I’m back in Japan.

I also think I’ll try and keep pushing with the Geni I and II textbooks - I bought the second book when I was in Japan but I’m still on chapter 8 of the first book. Looking forward to using all this social isolation time to be productive :))


Welcome back dude!



Welcome back :crazy_face:

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welcome back
All the best on this go-around!
keep on chugging along!

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Happy to have you back! Best of luck during this productivity push :100:


Welcome back! Hope you can make it to the cake this time around and see you at the finish line! :wink:


You’re back on the horse! STAY ON THE HORSE!


You better make sure it’s not an April Fool’s Joke! If not then, welcome back!


Thank you so much guys! And don’t worry - definitely not an April fools’. I’ll try and keep my progress posted on the forum :slight_smile:

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That’s what an April fools would say 268801101812334592


Ah, a fellow returnee. Welcome back!

I was thinking this would be true for more people with all the lockdowns!
Hiii there follow returner. I once made it to level 18, went far to fast for the last 5 levels, went down to level 12… gave up… and here I am again, back to level 2.
Might take it slower this time (I’m on life anyways)
Let’s make something beautiful out of these empty days inside :), Gambatte!


Good Luck and determination!

I also just came back yesterday, reset my level from 42 to 1 and starting through again for real this time.
Let’s do it

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