Back and Reset

I left Wanikani and Japanese two and a half years ago because I had too much going on during that time and I was also learning chinese.
Back in 2021 I made the decision to focus on one language and make serious progress. Well, I’m still far from considering calling myself a chinese speaker. But I managed to reach HSK5! Now I still want chinese to be my main focus, but since new years I’m playing with the thought of picking back up japanese.

I’m looking at a Level 27 with 909 learned Kanji. I decided to make a hard reset back to level 1. If anybody wants to prevent me from doing so, please shout at me in this thread :sweat_smile:
I probably remember most of the meanings, because I was studying the Heisig books before, and also know a lot of hanzi. But I don’t remember any readings at all. Maybe they would come back to me if I just start with the reviews. But I feel like it would be a better approach for me personally to just pick it back up from zero and implement a little bit of japanese learning into my daily routine. I have a lot of experience with language learning routine so I feel relatively confident about that.
Also theres 2700 burned items. I really should learn them again.

I thought it would be a good idea to announce it to the world (this forum).
Nice to be back minasan :wave:
I’m not even sure if I still can read Hiragana and Katakana :thinking: probably, maybe…


Having done a hard reset twice myself, I might suggest going slowly backward through the levels one-by-one, and seeing where you feel you remember a good portion of them.

It’s up to you what you want to do, though. :slight_smile:


Did you regret one of the resets after a while?

My second one, yes. The first one was necessary because I was overly ambitious and drowned myself in reviews. The second one didn’t need to be so hard a reset because I actually remembered quite a bit more than I thought. If I could go back and change what I’d done, I’d still do my initial one. But, I’d take a long, hard look at where I should really have reset to for my second one.

I’m about back to where I was when I did my second one, I think, and I’m finding that I actually remember a surprising amount, even with having had to take a break for a year recently. (The break was actually after the reset.)

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I think resetting is not worth it. What i did when I came back staring at 1750 reviews was to order my reviews by wanikani level, and start doing them 50-100 reviews at a time. It took me around 2 months to catchup and get the habit back but that’s still better than resetting


Something like [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz, and go up from Level 1 (or higher) and see how well you do.

Then choose where to reset to, or not at all.

I don’t regret resetting, as I know I can go back to like Level 60 anyway, with (not-so) speed-running. (Though I don’t, I stopped at 42.)

A large review pile can be tackled bit-by-bit by Sort by SRS Level descending, or less ideally, sort by Level. As long as the pile doesn’t increase (in forecast), it will eventually go down to zero.

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I think I’ve seen this recommendation before. How can you specify a particular level? I don’t see that option in my Self-Study Quiz and I looked in Settings as well.


The cog :gear: (Settings) then Items tab

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I’ve done two resets in the past, both after about a 1.5-2 year break. The first one I was probably around 28 and went back to level 3. That one I definitely regretted afterward. The second time I had made it to around level 28 again and reset to level 21 and found that to be just about right. Most stuff in the early levels will eventually show up in other places in your other learning materials, so even if a couple of kanji or vocabulary words slip through the cracks, it’s not such a big deal! I’d recommend finding a level where you feel like you know less than half the content and resetting to that level.


Did that…(oops, DID NOT see that!!!)

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try this, thanks!

I think I’m gonna try some reviews for a few days and see how I will do, so that I might reset to a higher level. I’m just not sure about all the burned items, as they won’t show up anymore, even though I most likely forgot them.

Again, if you feel like you know less than half of the burned items in a level, I think it’s worth a reset to that level. I think you’ll be surprised though that all those burned items do come back to you VERY quickly, even though you feel like you might not know them at all right now. Let’s say you start doing reading practice on a site like Satori or something, you’ll start seeing all of those burned items in context very quickly and they’ll come back to you before you know it.