Returning from Paradise is Pleasant

I’m back after a year and a half break!
Because of the big break and my lack of reading or listening practice it looks like most of what I learned didn’t stick too well.
The good news is I’m constantly exposed to low levels of 日本語放射 online so a lot of my very basic vocab and sentence parsing is better than ever!

But for wanikani, I need a reset from level 44. No half measures all the way down to the beginning.
Well I’ll do level 5 not level 1 as the beginning is a bit slow and I have that stuff pretty well down anyway.

I’ll be coming for you level 45, but not today. 乾杯! Wish me luck!


Update 一
Just posted this thread to log progress, two levels up already and it’s smooth sailing so far, turns out the more you learn the same thing the easier it sticks


Welcome back :upside_down_face:

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Good luck! :smiley:

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Update 二話
Just learned all the radicals and the first set of kanji for level 8, also been bumping a lot of things up to master, the first round of master reviews hasn’t hit yet.
Watching people play japanese games on twitch I’m definitely able to catch more words faster, looking forward to when I can sit down with a japanese book and just enjoy it. Likely getting through one will be a chore at first regardless but I want to have a bit more of a working vocab before I start.


New section, favorite renewed word, picking from the words that I don’t remember at all, not the ones I can still remember pretty easily. Here’s my retroactive pick for last update: 不明

Favorite (re)learned word this time: 馬力

Level 9 is about halfway done, I’ll be getting the second set of kanji this weekend. In the past few days I just started getting Master items up for review for the first time since the reset, only a handful so far but in anticipation and due to already having more reviews I’m experimenting with limiting my apprentice pool.
For now I’m keeping it at 80 and waiting until there’s more space to do more lessons. I feel like I can handle more than 80 so I’ll experiment with different values to see what works for me.

Pain is approaching on the horizon, but the first time around it wasn’t even that bad so I’m not worried.

I installed a review calendar user script and realized I hadn’t skipped a single day doing reviews since my reset! 55 days which is my longest streak by far. I wasn’t even particularly trying to do reviews every day having the flaming durtles app definitely helps with that though.

And remember folks, it’s not the size of the vocab that counts, it’s how you use it.

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