Automatic Vocabulary Reading

As I’m going throught the quizzes, I find myself reading aloud the vocabulary so that I can better remember it.

Hearing and speaking is very important when learn languages. I was wondering how helpful it would be to get an auditory pronounciation after you attempt to input in the hiragana. Even if you get it wrong a correct reading, it could help reinforce understanding of the vocabulary. It would be optional of course.

Or is this already an option and I don’t know about it. Thanks. sorry if this is a repeat topic.

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You can go to WaniKani — Log in and set “Autoplay audio in lessons” and “Autoplay audio in reviews” to “yes”. Is that what you mean?

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That’s exactly it! I just found out it doesn’t work on my mobile device, but does on the desktop! That’s so helpful! Thanks!

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