Automatically say words after I get them right

Is there a setting or plugin to make WaniKani automatically play the pronunciation of a word after I get the Japanese reading right? I feel like this would help aid my listening and speaking.


Yep! Click your little picture on the top right β†’ app (under settings) β†’ autoplay audio in reviews. You can also set a preferred voice with the first option, too.


Thanks man


You may also be interested in the self-study quiz which can also be configured to play the audio for vocabulary words, both after providing a correct reading and before to actually quiz you on audible readings. The latter isn’t possible with Wanikani alone.

I highly recommend configuring a quiz for vocabulary in stages 1 and 2 using the Vocabulary audio β†’ reading and Vocabulary audio β†’ meaning settings. It may help significantly in your ability to hear and understand spoken Japanese if you practice newly-introduced words this way.

The human brain is freakishly good at recognizing patterns if you give it enough data (practice/repetitions). Limiting it to just early SRS stage data avoids most of the synonym/homonym problems.

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