Script to remove double enter in lessons?

Hey everyone,

I tried to find a script to remove the need to pretty enter twice in lessons, as I found it really convenient for reviews (I already how one for reviews), yet I coulnd’t find one.

Do you know of such a script and have a link? I tried looking at greasyfork but I didn’t find anything, same wiht google.

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Can you explain? To be fair, I haven’t done a lesson in a long time, but you said you have one for reviews… what are you talking about?

What about this auto commit script ? According to what you’re saying, it seems to match your needs and it works for both review and lessons.

Hey Leebo,

I think the script was called lightning mode and what it basically made was that whenever you got your review right and pressed enter it would instantly go to the next review case, instead of telling you it’s correct and forcing you to press enter again. If the item is wrong it wouldn’t skip to the next item and instead show you the correct meaning/reading.

I noticed it what useful because I had to review 120ish items and not having to double tap every item was really useful and just a slight quality of life change.

I’m now looking for something similiar for lessons. It’s not really something really important, but I enjoy the convenience x)

That looks exactly like what I need and I did download it, but it doens’t seem to work for lessons :thinking:

Ah, I didn’t really get what you meant by

But I get your description now. Not that I would use it, but that’s what scripts are for, I suppose, making the site the way you want.

Read through the thread, I’m using firefox and it seem’s that people have had trouble with making that particular script work in firefox… Too bad I guess

Use a keyboard macro so that everytime you hit enter, it sends an extra enter?

I use lightning mode too, but yea, unsurprisingly they dont have it active for lessons. In general, most people would probably rather not have it for lessons, so you are going to have a harder time finding one. Just a heads up.

Aight thats fair, guess I’ll make do without it then^^

[edit: nevermind… didn’t read closely enough]

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You got me excited seeing you reply to this thread lol.

Okay… single line addition to Lightning Mode. It now works on lessons.

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