JLPT N5 Advice

I am looking to take the JLPT N5 sometime next year. In other peoples experience is there a level suggestion that my test will be a breeze. I have a tendency to jump the gun and try to do things before I am ready and I dont want to do that this time. Any advice would be great.

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You mean, at what WaniKani level will N5 be a breeze? It won’t take long, even level 7 or 8 or something, before you would ace the kanji portion of the test, but that’s a rather small portion of the test overall.

There is a lot of vocabulary that won’t be covered by WK because it usually isn’t written in kanji, also.

And of course, grammar and listening are things you have to tackle on your own.


I was at lvl 5 on wanikani when i took the N5 this month. I had almost no problems with the kanjis.
But i failed the grammar. So yeah, you don‘t need to be pretty fsr into wanikani for the jlpt n5, but you will need a good foundation in grammar.


some in detail- stats about the kanji portion can be found here:

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