What level do you need to be on, to be able to safely pass the N5 JLPT test?

Of course, considering you’re also studying grammar separately. Is there a “bare mininum” wanikani level where you can pass the N5 JLPT with a reasonably good score?


Kanji is such a small part of N5 that you will probably have a good shot around lvl 5 already. I think the statistics is that you know like 98% of the N5 Kanji by lvl 9. But that is by no means required to pass N5. Grammar and words are the biggest part of N5, with a liiittle bit of listening, which is probably the hardest part for self learners.

Overall, the N5 test istn’t that hard. Prepare well, so you know what types of questions to expect and how the test is structured (honestly that’s like 40% of the test), and you should mostly be fine.


In RocketLanguage.com, Level 1 is for N5, Level 2-3 for N4, and I know they are working on coordinating the other levels to the JLPT. They include the grammar, reading, etc. in their levels. FYI.

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The n5 is mostly in hiragana so you might actually be screwing yourself by progressing xD partially kidding but if you want perspective on what the test looks like you should get a text book focused on the test.

I’m level 8 right now and can confirm that it’s 94% at that level so this sounds about right.

I’m level 60, and can’t pass N5 so… :man_shrugging:


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